Devotion thoughts: Our fear of committing mistakes
Being the responsible netizen that I am I always double check any facebook update, tweet, or blog post before posting it on the social media. I check if the grammar is correct, if the thought is there (although sometimes we mindlessly post anything because the need to make a statement is important and the content eventually becomes an afterthought) and reread it until it's ready for posting.

As I reflect upon this I realize that we really are afraid of one thing - making mistakes. We don't want to commit mistakes that's why we do every possible thinking to avoid failing.

As Christians we have the major responsibility of avoiding mistakes - that is, sinning. We try with all our might to correct ourselves. We spend most of our times double checking everything: our thoughts, our hearts, and actions before jumping on to something. But sometimes no matter how impeccable are deduction skills are we often fail and end up blaming our self.

But this I also realize, we can learn from all our experiences - be it bad or good. There's always room for us to grow and improve and become better persons. 

And one thing I'd like to share is on how we can double check or go about how we try to avoid mistakes and sins. It's simple. By reading the Bible.

By reading the Bible we can learn things to avoid or practice. Our list of to-not dos and to-dos grows as we constantly read and reflect on God's Word. And there is the assurance that failing should not be scary. Instead it should be faced with optimism and hope that everyday is a clean slate. We can always start anew.

Love the Bible and make it your life's manual and God's love letter to you.

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