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Find rest in God's presence

Tomorrow is Monday, AGAIN. It's back to work and school. Back to our daily grind. But one question comes to mind: "Have you enjoyed your weekend? Have you fully rested? How many hours of sleep have you done to make up for the hours that you should've spent sleeping? (I know there's not just one question but you get where I'm going, right? Oh well, another question.)
Many people think that rest can only be done by sleeping, going on a vacation, and having a break from all the stress brought upon by our work and many other engagements. Don't get me wrong, those are rejuvenating activities. But those are only flesh break. That explains why after an enjoyable weekend we feel already exhausted at the thought of going back to work. We want the week to fast forward already expecting for #TGIF to be around the corner. What we need is not a flesh break - a vacation,   or 12 hours of sleep. What we need is a spiritual rest that is holistic and relaxing.
The Bible reminds …

the sock analogy

Earlier this morning I heard my step-father and sister having an argument about my sister being picky with her socks.
"Eh may butas yan eh." my sister exclaimed. "Hindi yan makikita. Naka-sapatos ka naman eh", kuya responded. "Ayaw ko nga masakit sa paa."
It went for a couple of minutes and as I was preparing to go to church a thought popped in my head. The sock with holes in it resonated with a message on our spirituality.
We are like a foot wearing a sock and a shoe. And our soul is the sock. Sometimes our souls can have holes in it - made by our brokenness and sinfulness. What we usually do is hide these holes from everyone around us. Maybe because we don't want to be judged or to be embarrassed from the humiliation. And so we continue living as if nothing was there. Even when we experience discomfort and pain because of the shoe we're wearing we try to forget it and go about with our life normally. But as time passes the bruises on or foot are beco…

Devotion thoughts: Our fear of committing mistakes

Being the responsible netizen that I am I always double check any facebook update, tweet, or blog post before posting it on the social media. I check if the grammar is correct, if the thought is there (although sometimes we mindlessly post anything because the need to make a statement is important and the content eventually becomes an afterthought) and reread it until it's ready for posting.
As I reflect upon this I realize that we really are afraid of one thing - making mistakes. We don't want to commit mistakes that's why we do every possible thinking to avoid failing.
As Christians we have the major responsibility of avoiding mistakes - that is, sinning. We try with all our might to correct ourselves. We spend most of our times double checking everything: our thoughts, our hearts, and actions before jumping on to something. But sometimes no matter how impeccable are deduction skills are we often fail and end up blaming our self.
But this I also realize, we can learn from a…

Hats off to our jeepney drivers!

I am utterly amazed at how, even with the jeepney fully occupied with piggybackers - who are in it for the adventure, jeepney drivers can still identify who among the passengers have not paid their fare yet. And sometimes they can point out that 1-2-3 culprit; With all the multi-tasking - driving while calculating the total fare while accepting fares and calculating the changes for these and then handing it over. It leaves you thinking: "How can they manage to do that and be good at it?" 

I can even barely multitask at work; I don't know where and how to begin.
They must have been accustomed to it. And with that I salute them! Kudos for making sure that we are safe and our fare are correctly computed. Although for some drivers you need to remind them of your change which is not that difficult considering the sorcery they do in front of the steering wheel. Amazing!

Inspiring Sara Bareilles' lyrics

Sara Bareilles is my all time favorite artist. She's multi-talented - a pianist, song writer, singer, and a lovable human being. She has written songs that will move you to tears and will make you realize many things. What I love about her songs are not only the melody and the musical arrangement but most importantly the message imparted by each song. She pours out her heart and soul on every word wanting listeners to experience the same emotions evoked by the song. 
Here are some of my favorite lyrics from Sara Bareilles' songs:
Uncharted "Compare where you are to where you're going and you'll go nowhere"

Be contented with what you have but always strive to become a better person. Aspire for more but always be grounded. Because if you are focused on your status quo you'll be missing out on what's ahead of you - the future. Enjoy the NOW and prepare and be excited for the FUTURE.

King of Anything "All my life I have tried to make everybody happy while …

Songs to listen to on rainy days

It is official, the rainy season is upon us.
The streets are usually flooded; traffic is also becoming a way of life for everyone. If you forgot to bring with you your umbrella you will be stranded in your office for as long as the rain is pouring outside. And then you wish for a sunny weather and regretted the very moment a bead of sweat trickled down your forehead. But there is something about the rain that brings out the introvert/hopeless romantic in us (yep not only me!).
It is times like these that we find ourselves enjoying nobody’s company but ourselves – just us and our thoughts.
During rainy seasons the nights are colder and sleep is one of the highlights of our day.
The pit-pattering of the rain on our roof gives us a feeling of comfort and ease. I can attest to that. Being the pluviophile that I am, I do enjoy the sound it makes, it's somehow calming.       Rainy days can be enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee or tea, your favorite book, or a song. And so I came up with…