The ball pen ANALOGY

Remember your favorite ball pen back in your high school days? Be it panda, uni, hbw, the high-priced pilot or even the scented ones; we were once attached to these writing materials. 

There were times when the unexpected happens - your two-day old pilot ball pen fell from your arm chair and when you tested it your penmanship was already broken. It's devastating to say the least; 2 days seemed too short. Then, you told yourself to move on, find another ball pen that is cheaper but will last you a quarter or so. You bought a new hbw pen, its smooth feel on any paper sends chills to your bones. The feeling is exhilarating. A new found intimacy gives you life. After 3 weeks of being useful with its ink already an inch from the ball point you dropped it after taking an exam and eventually lost it. It's heart-wrenching, knowing that you can use the remaining ink all to yourself, without the fear of dropping it because you have used most of its potential. The ink is darker and your penmanship is perfectly legible; everything seems perfect. But then gone.

You blame yourself for your mishap. "I could have checked my bag before exiting the class room. Or I could have been more careful.", you tell yourself incessantly.

You're left with nothing but self-remorse and regret.

This time you will be extra careful with your ball pens. You bought a new black uni and used it the way you could have used the other ball pens you lost. You took many written exams using it, and wrote so many poems and love letters that you weren’t able to do hadn’t you lost your previous “favorite” pens.

You know there are many pens out there but you choose to stick with what you have. Because you just have to. 

There are pens we get to have the chance to use until its last drop. But the other writing materials we lost along the way taught us a lesson or two and that is something worth writing; something to eat up that space on our journals and diaries. Because only then are we reminded of the past. 

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