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Revalida, revalidated.

It is a tradition of Pointwest trainees to undergo the last stretch of their bootcamp training by having a revalida. Revalida is a rite of passage for trainees before they enter the corporate world (which in PW is also called as the “floor”).

It is a Q and A portion of some sort where the soft skills of the trainee will be put to test over a series of situational questions. As per my usual self it was a difficult feat to venture into. I was not that eloquent and fluent in my articulation that sometimes I stutter and eat my words before these were even blurted out. The revalida is just simple. The trainee, before fishing out one question from a fish bowl will first have his bestest performance (this too I believe was included in the overall revalidation assessment) to knock the panel’s socks off. By the way the panel is composed of Practice Heads and Managers. So no stress. Just be your usual self. Or not. After the performance, the trainee would then read the question aloud to the jury …