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In Defense of Sadness: An Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out is such a brilliant movie. Its premise is so simple but the approach is heart-rending.
Family is everything that's what everyone says. And that is the realest deal!
Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to experience joy not sadness. We don't want anything to do with Sadness. We don't want her to permeate into our consciousness. But the truth is we need Sadness in our lives.
Watching the movie, I kind of wanted to shut Sadness off. She was so annoying. She does things she does not even mean. How’s that?
But then, when I realized the emotions were personified and that everything happening with Riley has more to do with her and not with the emotions itself, it hit me.
Sadness was never annoying. Sadness really didn’t mean any of her actions. She did not want to take over Joy's leadership. It was just that Riley was beginning to feel more sadness. She was already being exposed to life experiences that were all saddening: her family having to move to San Fran…