Of cakes, breads, and cafes: Icings

So my friends and I decided to have a night out after a couple of months. The initial plan was to dine at Bannaple (Market! Market!), because it was one of our favorite restaurants. Unfortunately, Bannaple had its entrance full with customers in queues. So we decided to look for other alternatives, and luckily just a stone's throw away from the crowded resto was Icings.

We were hesitant to go inside at first (it was our first time there). I mean, the place was posh looking. It was small but spacious and the ambiance was just relaxing. We were greeted by their very hospitable staff and after being seated were given the restaurant's menu. Being the timawas that we were, we scanned through their creatively-pieced-together menu for quite a long time. After mentally calculating our orders so that we will not end up washing their dishes we ordered the following:

100 Tomato Pasta
Classic Caesar Salad
A slice of Choco Caramel Cake

They have a wide selection of unique and hearty pastas one of which we tried. 100 Tomato Pasta is delicious, healthy, and tangy. Prepare your taste buds for one gastronomic journey! My friend jokingly insisted that we count the tomatoes in the meal and see if the number reaches to 100 (corny).

We also had a helping of their Classic Caesar Salad. For me, the serving is enough for three individuals or 2 hungry foodies, no make that one! Drizzled with crunchy bacon strips and croutons and doused generously with Caesar dressing, you’re good to go!

We were introduced to a slice of their Choco Caramel cake. 

Just look at that! How can someone resist taking a bite from that tempting slice of chocolate goodness? It’s to die for, I mean not in a literal sense but you know what I mean. It’s moist, mouthwatering, not that sweet, heavenly and satisfyingly good!

We are definitely going back next time to try their bestsellers!

Know more about Icings Cakes Breads and CafĂ© by visiting their Facebook page. 

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