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Top songs to help us "Move on"

It is hard to say goodbye to someone you thought you could be with forever. But it is harder to overcome such a loss. That's why people forget and move on. Some people find it difficult to let go of the past; they are just too broken to foresee a future with someone else. But if moving on is the only option you got, you‘ll be forced to do things out of your comfort zone. You’ll realize many things you never had an inkling of before. It’s a long list I should say. But when you’re confronted by reality slapping you until your face is sore, you will realize that when human efforts couldn’t console your bleeding heart anymore, songs will be there to take all the pain away (if not then a bit of it).

I may not have experienced breakups first-hand, but I do hope that the following songs will do the same effect it had during my emo moments.
Ne-Yo | Go On Girl

"Not a single salty tear, not a feeling in my chest. Baby I’m feeling no stress. I’m too fly to be depressed."
Ne-Yo puts the…