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Inspired by Augustus Waters’ line from the best-selling YA book “The Fault In Our Stars” (which is now a major movie hit).

My mind is bursting with random ideas mushrooming from the depths of my brain; they’re like bacteria, multiplying their selves over time. If I can sell and trade these notions I believe I can be rich by now. But I can’t, that’s why I work.

There are a lot of things going on inside my head right now. Questions such as: “What’s the next book I should read?”, “What blog entries and blog series should I start and write?”, “What movies should I watch and TV series I should start?”, “How to make my hard-earned money work for me?”, “What things should I do to contribute in making this world a better place to live in?”, “How will I get that promotion?”, the list goes on. It’s ironic how countless my ideas are but only a few of it made its way into the materialization process; it has always been on the conceptualization part.

So how can I start turning these untapped ideas into concrete outputs? It’s easy, MULTITASK! No, I take that back, it only starts when we start it. Once we started it and continued their respective processes until its fruition, that is when MULTITASKING kicks in. Now we’re talking!

After starting the tasks I have been wanting to do, the inevitable questions eventually popped out: “How will I ever finish these and How will it be possible to simultaneously work on different tasks?” So at this point we bring MULTITASKING in the picture.

Let’s go back to the quote I used earlier:

“My thoughts are like stars I can’t fathom into constellations.”

Think of the stars as your tasks and the constellations their respective outputs. With multitasking I can organize as many stars as I can and accomplish a desirable amount of constellations afterwards. Most especially I can now see the results right before my very eyes (twinkle twinkle!).

Getting a job done is fulfilling. But finishing two or more tasks at the same time is incredibly rewarding. That is why I have always been a firm believer of Multitasking. I do it most of the time, when I am at home and during work days. 

I'd like to think that I’m good at multitasking and that my outputs are not compromised by the number of tasks I juggle daily; It’s a bit difficult but nonetheless possible. But if I were to choose between the following skills to unlock:

a. Type faster and flawlessly.
b. Never forget any detail.
c. Create awesome presentation decks.
d. Multitask at any given time.

I would still choose d. Multitask at any given time. I mean who would not like that? Yes, multitasking is already a feat, but being able to do it at any given time? Even better!

To multitask means you have to have impeccable time management skills and of course your mental focus is put to test here so that also counts. And to have the ability to multitask without the slightest mental conditioning - that is gold. In all honesty, Multitasking can achieve the remaining choices listed above. While you’re creating the awesomest presentation decks, you can search the internet about tips on how to type faster and flawlessly. You can also add to your research list ways on improving your focus on details and also your memory. See? It’s like hitting three birds with one stone!

Which brings us to this:

Did you know that taking a KIT KAT Break can unlock hidden skills in you that make it seem like you can break the impossible?

Yes, that is right! One important aspect in multitasking is switching between tasks. Unfortunately studies have shown that when done inappropriately it leads to slowing down of progress because the brain takes time in mentally focusing on the new task. That is why it is recommended that multitask addicts take breaks in between chores. And how to enjoy these breaks? This is achieved by having that sugar rush you need to continue being productive not only during work hours but also at the end of the day. Taking KIT KAT breaks will also boost your creativity and help you focus more on the task at hand. It will also push you to your limits. That means breaking the impossible and unlocking the skills you thought you can never possess. So take the KIT KAT break you truly deserve! You can thank me later.

Believe in the BREAK! Join the BREAK Movement!

Know more about the #KITKATBREAKMOVEMENT by visiting and liking their Facebook page.

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