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Looking for Alaska heading to the big screen

So this just happened...

After the massive success of The Fault in Our Stars, plus Paper Towns is already in the works and this? I'm utterly speechless!!!

If you haven't read Looking for Alaska I suggest you read it. By the way here is my review of the book.

Who's excited for the film adaptation of Looking for Alaska?

haunted by Lana Del Rey's Shades of Cool

I am haunted by this song.. So haunted that I cannot stop hitting the replay button again and again.


Inspired by Augustus Waters’ line from the best-selling YA book “The Fault In Our Stars” (which is now a major movie hit).

My mind is bursting with random ideas mushrooming from the depths of my brain; they’re like bacteria, multiplying their selves over time. If I can sell and trade these notions I believe I can be rich by now. But I can’t, that’s why I work.
There are a lot of things going on inside my head right now. Questions such as: “What’s the next book I should read?”, “What blog entries and blog series should I start and write?”, “What movies should I watch and TV series I should start?”, “How to make my hard-earned money work for me?”, “What things should I do to contribute in making this world a better place to live in?”, “How will I get that promotion?”, the list goes on. It’s ironic how countless my ideas are but only a few of it made its way into the materialization process; it has always been on the conceptualization part.
So how can I start turning these untapped ideas in…

Join Pet Express Dog and Cat Show Expo 2014!

For dog and cat lovers/owners out there! Here is something you shouldn't miss!!!

For more info visit their Facebook page.

LSS: Beautiful Times (Owl City featuring Lindsey Stirling)

I find this song inspiring and whimsical. Adam Young never ceases to amaze me with his ingenious musicality and flawless song writing skills. I can't wait for his next EP "Ultraviolet". I am one proud Hoot Owl here!

The Fault In Our Stars | Charli XCX - Boom Clap


If you are going to do things for the Lord and expect positive feedback from people then you are going to have a hard time. Simply put, we don't do these things to please other people and eventually get disappointed by their lack of appreciation on our godly efforts.
Do it for the Lord and for HIS glory! The appreciation of those blessed by what you do and the testimony of the lives of people you have touched and inspired is just an incentive. It really does no great difference because you are doing it for the Lord, and that is already enough. :)

-   Purely my thoughts

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Happiness is a choice. If we want to be happy there are many reasons to feel warm and lighthearted, sky is the limit. The same thing goes if we want the other way around and to be fair sky is also the limit.
That is why on her critically successful book “The Happiness Project”, Gretchen Rubin defines the many facets of happiness and the steps on achieving real happiness in life.
With her witty and thought-provoking resolutions and splendid truths about happiness, readers are given a clear and concise guide on how to get closer to that pot of gold.
The book is divided into 12 parts which is on a monthly basis guide with each month focusing on one or more happiness factors following other subtopics. From organizing your cluttered room to creating your own blog, the book has everything you need (even answers to your questions!). You will also experience surprising discoveries as you read the book. So I guess you should read it then.

Why is happiness a choice? Because no matter how difficult …

While watching The Fault in Our Stars...

Me 90% of the time

Covers: Arctic Monkeys - Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake)

This is one helluva cover. :3