Blogs you should follow!

This will be the first of a series I will call “Blogs you should follow”. Simply put, it would be a list of blogs that we should follow due to its content and social impact. As I blogger I would like to share some of the blogs I love and bloggers whom I look up to. And let’s start with…

Iamsuperbianca is a blog managed by the multi-talented and bubbly Bianca Gonzales who is now engaged to her boyfriend JC Intal. Her first stint with ABSCBN was as a brainstormer for the Creative Development Group (from Wikipedia). From there she took part and hosted several shows, one of which was Y Speak where she displayed her knack for hosting and her intelligent views on social and current events. Her hosting career flourished and she was given projects showcasing her impeccable hosting skills. She got her major break after winning 3rd place in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 1. She is currently the Editor-at-Large at Meg Magazine and a columnist at the Philippine Star.

On her blog she talks about the people who have influenced her, her thoughts on pressing issues, and her sources of inspiration. She uses her blog as an instrument to connect to her millions of readers/followers/audiences with one goal in mind: to influence them to create a difference in their own and simple way.

What I love about her blog is that it is indicative of what she is as a person. She is the definition of a modern superwoman. She is the epitome of what a Filipina should be. She is hardworking and patriotic. And she wants us to use our God-given talents to influence others in a good way benefiting our country as a whole.


She’s most passionate about her advocacies on youth empowerment and education and that’s one of the countless reasons why she’s easily one of my favourite bloggers to date.

I find her blog informative, inspiring, and empowering. If you’re a new reader you’ll definitely love here #10things, where she discusses anything and everything under the sun most especially about influential people in different walks of life. You will also find her #10Questions entertaining. I also love her travel tumbling shots –these are photos of her tumbling at different places, local and abroad.


Know more about her by visiting iamsuperbianca. And believe you me you will love her instantly!

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