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Blogs you should follow!

This will be the first of a series I will call “Blogs you should follow”. Simply put, it would be a list of blogs that we should follow due to its content and social impact. As I blogger I would like to share some of the blogs I love and bloggers whom I look up to. And let’s start with…

Iamsuperbianca is a blog managed by the multi-talented and bubbly Bianca Gonzales who is now engaged to her boyfriend JC Intal. Her first stint with ABSCBN was as a brainstormer for the Creative Development Group (from Wikipedia). From there she took part and hosted several shows, one of which was Y Speak where she displayed her knack for hosting and her intelligent views on social and current events. Her hosting career flourished and she was given projects showcasing her impeccable hosting skills. She got her major break after winning 3rd place in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 1. She is currently the Editor-at-Large at Meg Magazine and a columnist at the Philippine Star.
On her blog she talks abo…

Why YOU should apply for a Mercury Drug Suki card NOW!

I am not a fan of discount cards, BEFORE. I find these things space eaters in my wallet (where eventually there is a lot of free space for now). Whenever the cashier asks me for any discount card I would just say I don’t have any and I have no plan of owning one yet. And when the middle-aged cashier insists I apply for one because the queue is not long and literally she has all the time in the world to answer my questions and whatnot the skeptic in me kindly declines the offer and pays mypurchase.
In retrospect, I believe I applied for an SM advantage card years ago and forgot to replace the temporary card given to me in exchange for the original one. And that’s it. That’s how far my fancying for discount cards will take me.
But now a change of heart happened. I now love discount cards! And I’m planning to apply and collect as many cards as I could possibly own.
Why? Because times are difficult these days. The prices of commodities have skyrocketed plus the taxes and other (economics) st…

What we can learn from Samson and Delilah's tragic love story

The tragic love story of Samson and Delilah shows us the perfect example of this reality: every people we know and love will disappoint and hurt us at some point in our lives but God will never do that to us, never.
Our families, friends, workmates, relatives and even lovers will put our patience to test; they will even be the reason of our sadness, grief, and misery because as humans we are not perfect. The tendency to commit mistakes, hurt feelings, and fail expectations will be inevitable. And that is a tested and proven fact: People will fail us and we will also fail them. Repeat for emphasis.
I have failed to please people countless of times. And I have been successful at making people disappointed. If I kept tab of all the mishaps I’ve done which affected the people around me, it would be an endless list.
Going back to Samson and Delilah.
Samson loved Delilah. He fell madly in love with the beautiful prostitute that it became his weakness. And eventually it resulted to the downfall…