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LSS: I Wish I Could Break Your Heart (Cassadee Pope)

Even before winning The Voice season 3, I’ve been a fan of Cassadee Pope. The lead vocalist of the band Hey Monday, Cassadee proved that she does not only have the angst and the pipes but the versatility as well when she entered the country pop scene. Her latest album Frame by Frame sees the artist’s remarkable transformation. She really does sound country-ish (and a really good one for that matter). 
The songstress released the latest music video of her latest single I Wish I Could Break Your Heart just this day (Isn’t it amazing?). The music video sees a stunningly beautiful Cassadee encased in a heart shaped cage with shiny shimmering thingies.
The intent of this blog is to construct an in depth explanation of how the song not the mv touched my inner self and how it affected my emotions and whatnot.

Truth be told, I have been rooting for this song to be picked as a single which means it would sooner or later have its music video which in fact happened! It’s not a song for the brokenh…

My top 7 love songs

Happy Valentine’s day to each and every one!
Whatever relationship status you’re in on the sweetest month of the year I wish you all the joy in the world. Whether you are single, double, in a relationship, in an open relationship, in an open-ended relationship, in a relationship that just ended, in an MU kind of relationship, or the universally hyped status most singles would use: it’s complicated, etc (the list goes on) celebrate this day with thanksgiving because someone loved us first before we even learned how to verbalize the word LOVE. Thank HIM first!
So today I decided to blog to be able to get through the day unscathed from the harsh reality that at 23 I’m still a desperate individual searching for my one true love (which is just downright preposterous because I’m happy living independently –a term most singles use to define one’s ability to live without any romantic partner). But as I started hitting the keyboard frantically with a vigorous start it dawned on me that it woul…

of rereading TFIOS

And I’m back again my friends. After a week of enduring a growing wisdom tooth plus my deprivation from internet access at home, I am now back with vengeance. So how did I break the monotonous buzz produced by my lack of initiative and creative juices? Well, I finished rereading John Green’s critically-acclaimed tear-jerker of a book entitled The Fault in Our Stars. It was such a quick read that finishing it was a bit difficult on my part (as much as my conscience is fully concern I want to savor every moment of the book). So little by little I completed every heartbreaking chapter, contemplated on the frailty of life, and praised John Green’s ingenious approach to plot development and word usage. I even listened to sad songs whenever I read the sad parts of the book. And man was it difficult to continue finishing the whole book because it pained me every single time.
I know the book is a work of fiction; even the medication used by Hazel is also fictitious. But you cannot help and wo…