The TBT experience

First there was the breakfast store and now we have the breakfast table.

For the 3rd Anniversary of Pointwest’s Bible Study Group which I am now a part of, the committee decided to celebrate the momentous event at The Breakfast Table.

As a first-timer and a foodie (of course) I was kind of expecting a great palate journey at TBT. I thought that the experience will be of the gastric-type only. I was wrong. It was a feast of the senses.

Since the food were already pre-ordered I was not able to experience the DIY breakfast menu which I believe is innovative and fun.

The first thing that caught my attention as I enter the place was the streaks of blue splashed all over every corner of the small yet spacious place. The walls and the comfort rooms and also the eating utensils and table mats were all drizzled with droplets of cerulean-toned hues.

White and Blue combination is amazingly appealing as it is also appetite-inducing. Move over red and black!

Those trinkets are actually quotes about positivity and happiness!

I just have to take a picture of their faucet. 

Dream of what you most enjoy! hmmm.. eating!

Creative place mats! 

Now that is innovative and resourceful! Pails!!! Hanging buckets!

The aesthetically effective decorations fastened against the wall create a peaceful ambiance which I appreciated. Good job to the interior designers, decorators, and whatnot.

In one corner of the cafeteria is a comfortable nook with an ensemble of soft thingies (a sofa set with plush pillows). Talk about comfort eating! :)

Blue over blue with blue on it. 

The staff were accommodating and also approachable. We even made friends with most of the tbt staff!

And oh, they have the best tasting hot chocolate in the Metro! 

They also sell different kinds of coffee, vinegar, and many other native preserves.

If you’re looking for a different kind of dining experience I highly recommend The Breakfast Table! The place alone is definitely a must-see plus their affordable and scrumptious menu. And because breakfast is the most important meal of the day make it a remarkable one at TBT!

We’re definitely planning to go back and experience their breakfast buffet every Saturday. And probably this time with pictures of their delectable selections! Now that is another “FOOD” blog!

The Breakfast Table is located at 189 Maginhawa Street corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

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