My 100-books-to-read challenge

Happy New Year to each and every one! This 2014, let’s be open and be prepared for challenges and opportunities. Let’s welcome the year with a bang! And talking about challenges I have set one myself.

I have always wanted to do this ever since, but since I tend to forget things like most of the time I never made it past 50 books or less.

Now I am eager to get to that 50 and above mark and hopefully finish 100 books this year. As an additional challenge I will be also blogging some of the books that I’ve read and share a thing or two about my chosen reads.

Let us start with the first book I finished this year, Para Kay B written by Ricky Lee.

The book comprises of five stories on how love devastated people from different walks of life. Each story is complicated but the author cleverly interwoven all of it in the end. The depiction of each character is vivid and witty that you can just see them jumping off the pages of the book (just so you know the author is also a critically acclaimed script writer).

I also love how unconventional R Lee is with his writing. He’s incomparable. One of the best Filipino authors I ever came across with.

 I enjoyed the book up to its last pages. I believe everyone will be able to relate to each story in so many ways. 

That's a wrap guys! Join me as I cross out 99 more books off my list. :)

Let me leave you with this interesting quote:

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