Hyperbole and a Half

Hey there fellow book lovers! I’m here once again to update you on my 100-books-to-read progress.

So far, I have been juggling, yes, you heard that right. I’ve been juggling books lately.

Not this type of juggling.


But you know what I mean, reading a number of books simultaneously.

Not because I’m in a hurry to finish my 100-books-to-read list (although, after making computations I believe I really need to speed up my game). But because being a randomly cluttered blogger I want to test my multitasking skills and I also want to diversify the list of my favorite authors (which is another challenge).

And here is the 2nd book that I finished. It is Allie Brosh’s autobiographical book entitled Hyperbole and a Half.


I have never encountered a hilariously addictive read like this in years. I’m grateful to my ever sarcastic officemate who introduced the book and shared the file to me. Your randomly cluttered blogger wouldn’t be able to experience such an amazingly book so thank you *insert sarcastic officemate’s name here*

The book which is a compilation of some of Allie’s unforgettable stories from her beloved blog sees the author’s life struggles especially with depression.  


With colorfully drawn illustrations of herself, her family, her boyfriend and her dogs you’ll definitely enjoy the book as much as I did.

I’m fascinated by Allie’s weird yet warm connection to her dogs. I love that she loves dogs no matter how stupid they can be. It’s so cool how she recalls her childhood and remembers some of the best life lessons she learned (especially the corn underneath their refrigerator).

Go visit her blog. And believe you me, you’ll laugh your heart out!

If you haven’t seen her blog, go visit it using this link.


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