For the love of coupons!

Coupons of different types from my Beloved Sister.

The best things in life are free. The only thing is that not everything in life is free. Fortunately we have these things called discount coupons which seem close enough to the-best-things-in-life-are-free quote. I mean who wouldn’t want cheap and affordable finds? Who couldn’t resist the magnetic pull coupons have to majority of us nowadays?

Jollibee's coupon are area-centric. Some of the coupons are not redeemable nationwide, only at selected areas. 

I am not a fan of discount vouchers… before. I would just intentionally get past people giving free coupons in malls and streets. I believe many people need it more than I do. And grabbing one from people handing out coupons is like me depriving someone of that same piece of monetary alleviation.

But not anymore.

Currently, online websites offering discounted coupons and groupons (group coupons) have become popular and trending. Websites such as CashCashPinoy, Metrodeal, and Ensogo are the go-tos if you’re looking for low priced and inexpensive purchases. These sites give the best deals ever!

Going back to where I left.

After having an unexpected epiphany one day, I realized I want nothing more in the world than to have my first coupon. Luckily, I was able to grab one and decided it was time to put those coupons into good use.

I'm loving McDonald's latest coupon. It's so Yinyang-ish! :)

Now, I see discounted coupons (especially food treats) in a different kind of way. I see them as an opportunity for me to get discounted purchases and in the process save money. I’m into food coupons because I’m a foodie (so no brainer). I collect food coupons from Jollibee, Chowking, and McDonalds. I ask for coupons from my beloved sister who willingly obliges to my neediest of requests. See? I’m a coupon fanatic!

I do hope I can avail of any groupon package in the future. How cool is that? When you and your friends enjoy the benefits of group coupons!

If you want some I can give you some of my coupons. Just approach me! :)

If you’re not into coupons yet I suggest you try it. And maybe, you’ll be a convert like me!

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