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Of cakes, breads, and cafes: Icings

So my friends and I decided to have a night out after a couple of months. The initial plan was to dine at Bannaple (Market! Market!), because it was one of our favorite restaurants. Unfortunately, Bannaple had its entrance full with customers in queues. So we decided to look for other alternatives, and luckily just a stone's throw away from the crowded resto was Icings.
We were hesitant to go inside at first (it was our first time there). I mean, the place was posh looking. It was small but spacious and the ambiance was just relaxing. We were greeted by their very hospitable staff and after being seated were given the restaurant's menu. Being the timawas that we were, we scanned through their creatively-pieced-together menu for quite a long time. After mentally calculating our orders so that we will not end up washing their dishes we ordered the following:
100 Tomato Pasta Classic Caesar Salad A slice of Choco Caramel Cake
They have a wide selection of unique and hearty pastas one…

I want one of these!

I decided on posting this here to remind myself that I need to have one of these CBTL journals! 

For more information visit CBTL's site.

Taylor Swift drops "Out of the Woods" from her upcoming album 1989

After the release of her massive hit single “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift dropped the second track from her highly anticipated album “1989” earlier today.
The 80’s sounding track “Out Of the Woods” is written and recorded by Swift alongside Jack Antonoff of fun. and Bleachers. The song is Swift’s recollection of a snowmobile accident involving an ex.
After listening to the song non-stop, I realized why the track’s chorus is repetitive. It was meant not only because it sounded good but also because the chorus magnified the message of the song clearly.
It’s like Taylor Swift is insistently asking if their relationship (with whomever she was talking about in the song) was built to last and if they were already past the woods which represent the circumstances that tested and shook the very foundation of their relationship.  Or maybe, just maybe it was heading on to a different direction. That’s how I see it.
Watch the inspiration behind her latest track “Out of the Woods” and how it came to b…

College Throwback Songs

I believe it is too early for #ThrowbackThursday. Pardon my excitement, because if I don’t continue writing this one I might forget the very reason why I started this throwback entry. So here we go…
(Edited: Yup, it took me nearly 2 months before finally deciding on posting this delayed blogpost here.)
I am a sentimental person and also a music lover. Combine those two and the result is a nutty human who tends to incorporate songs to most of his unforgettable experiences and encounters. The best part of being soppy about almost everything is the fact that whenever I listen to these tracks the memories will automatically fill me and transport me specifically back to my college days. It’s a relief because whenever I’m visited by those memories especially the happy ones it’s hard not to laugh and smile. And there are also sad and bitter recollections I’d like to forget but still I’m happy to have experienced. So let me take you back to my younger years. Enjoy!

Hatin’ on the Club by Rihanna

WANTED: A dream job

I have been thinking about this for a while and it dawned on me that I need to make a blogpost out of this important matter (so that I can hit that elusive 30K Pageviews HAHAHA!).
What was your dream job before you graduated from College? Is it the same job you have right now?
Why am I asking these questions? Because I believe I should've asked these questions earlier in my professional career. I should have planned out everything before I went over and searched for possible companies to work for. And because I believe that anyone must never stop himself from attaining his dream job.
Professionally, Software Testing has always been my passion. I mean, I like editing videos,  taking photographs, writing, and blogging, but I don’t see myself doing these in a professional setting. I also think that being exposed to QA stuff during my internship cemented my love for testing software products and applications. It just so happened that after graduation I forgot focusing on getting a job th…

The Original Abangers' Theme Song

I'm a fan of the phenomenal Swedish pop group Abba. Since childhood, I have been exposed to their music. I remember singing a karaoke version of their equally popular track "Knowing Me, Knowing You". I thought my rendition of the song was heartfelt without even knowing the meaning of the lyrics of the track. 
But now, I can dissect and interpret songs that are closest to my heart. It just so happened that earlier this month I had been listening to some of Mamma Mia's (the movie) OST. And then it hit me with a bang..ers. 
Introducing, the original theme song of all hopeful abangers out there for the last 4 decades or so (if my computation is correct).
Take A Chance On Me (ABBA)

Hugot lines:
If you change your mind, I'm the first in line Honey I'm still free take a chance on me If you need me, let me know, gonna be around If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down
You want me to leave it there afraid of a love affair But I think you know that I can'…


I stumbled upon Bianca Gonzalez' latest tweet and somehow it got me curious. And since I have friends who have worked at Aegis, I did some researching and it led me to this video.

There may be some points in the video that made perfect sense. But it is so unprofessional.

What's your opinion on the AEGIS ad?

LSS : Up We Go (Lights)

I have been obsessing with this song for quite a while now. The song is inspiring. It encourages us to live a life full of hope. And reminds us that the best things in life are not always free, they are earned through hardship and perseverance. That's my interpretation of the song. :)
Favorite lines: Nothing gives easy. Easy gives nothing. Always darker days before brighter one.

My "Moving On" songs

It is hard to say goodbye to someone you thought you could be with forever. But it is harder to overcome such a loss. That's why people forget and move on. Some people find it difficult to let go of the past; they are just too broken to foresee a future with someone else. But if moving on is the only option you got, you‘ll be forced to do things out of your comfort zone. You’ll realize many things you never had an inkling of before. It’s a long list I should say. But when you’re confronted by reality slapping you until your face is sore, you will realize that when human efforts couldn’t console your bleeding heart anymore, songs will be there to take all the pain away (if not then a bit of it).

I may not have experienced breakups first-hand, but I do hope that the following songs will do the same effect it had during my emo moments.
Ne-Yo | Go On Girl

"Not a single salty tear, not a feeling in my chest. Baby I’m feeling no stress. I’m too fly to be depressed."
Ne-Yo puts the…

Looking for Alaska heading to the big screen

So this just happened...

After the massive success of The Fault in Our Stars, plus Paper Towns is already in the works and this? I'm utterly speechless!!!

If you haven't read Looking for Alaska I suggest you read it. By the way here is my review of the book.

Who's excited for the film adaptation of Looking for Alaska?

haunted by Lana Del Rey's Shades of Cool

I am haunted by this song.. So haunted that I cannot stop hitting the replay button again and again.


Inspired by Augustus Waters’ line from the best-selling YA book “The Fault In Our Stars” (which is now a major movie hit).

My mind is bursting with random ideas mushrooming from the depths of my brain; they’re like bacteria, multiplying their selves over time. If I can sell and trade these notions I believe I can be rich by now. But I can’t, that’s why I work.
There are a lot of things going on inside my head right now. Questions such as: “What’s the next book I should read?”, “What blog entries and blog series should I start and write?”, “What movies should I watch and TV series I should start?”, “How to make my hard-earned money work for me?”, “What things should I do to contribute in making this world a better place to live in?”, “How will I get that promotion?”, the list goes on. It’s ironic how countless my ideas are but only a few of it made its way into the materialization process; it has always been on the conceptualization part.
So how can I start turning these untapped ideas in…