The 34th Manila International Book Fair experience!

This is a late blog post as this event happened on September 11 - 15. But still I'm going to post this because it was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to share to my fellow book lovers out there. Enjoy!

Thanks to Fully Booked for the free passes for the event. Look at these cool and sleek passes they gave us! I still have one which I am currently using as a bookmark.

Before going inside the SMX Convention center I was able to have a picture of myself with the event logo located outside the Mall of Asia Complex (thanks to precious for this pic).

Once we got inside the convention center we were greeted by a throng of people all lined up for the book fair.  

After a couple of minutes we made our way inside the event center. Here are some of the pictures I took:

The National Book Store's booth was huge. It seemed like another branch of NBS for the book fair. 

There's one corner inside the NBS booth where anyone can write their thoughts on post-its and paste them on the wall provided.

Another creative take on doodling by Titus Pens. I found this also inside the NBS booth. The following are entries for Titus' contest.

Filway Marketing Inc. 's booth: 

Anvil Publishing Inc. 's booth:

F & J de Jesus, Inc. 's booth:

REX Book Store's booth is one of the many uniquely designed booths in the event. 

Phoenix Educational Service, Inc.'s booth:

This caught my attention:
"Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear."

My favorite series of all time, Harry Potter is also available in NBS and Fully Booked. The new cover arts are whimsical and nostalgic.

Below is the Precious Pages booth:

I forgot the name of the the following publisher's booth but the displays were so 'Filipino'.

Fully Booked's booth:

PSICOM Publishing booth. Even if the booth was smaller compared to others this booth was jam-packed with giddy fans and book lovers excited to see their favorite authors and have their books autographed. With endless queues and inquiries for purchase and reservations, there's no doubt that PSICOM Publishing's books are really in demand these days.

Below are snapshots from OMF LIT Bookshop

The caption below reads "140 Year Old King James Bible".

So many books so little time and money. Next year I hope I can buy more books to add to my growing book collection. :)

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