Monster PH gears for another ‘virtual career fair’

After descending the MRT at Ayala station one fine morning from work, I glanced upon a booth near the entrance of the station. And as I was making my way down the stairs a guy approached me with a tray of styro-cups with 3-in-1 coffees inside each containers. I took one and thanked him continuing my way downstairs.

Here’s the styro-cup that the guy gave me.

So much for promotion I thought it was clever and well-put.

It was Monster Philippine’s, and they are having another ‘virtual career fair’ On October 7 and 11. That is like 2 days from now!

Think of this, a job fair without the long lines and heavy documents (resumes, etc.) which can be costly and tiring. That’s the best thing that has ever happened to online job portals!

According to, this innovative concept developed to meet the changing needs of the modern day job seekers and employees, offers local and international job seekers a chance to meet and interact with companies through the web.

Job seekers can look for job vacancies, and apply for positions with just few clicks.

So if you’re looking for your next job/company, update and polish your resume and don’t forget to register at

Here's a screenshot from monsterPH (Why should YOU register for this event?):


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