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Devina DeDiva on the limelight

After Megan Young won the hearts of million viewers by being the first Filipino to win Miss World 2013 another scene-stealer drops racial comments on Young’s international feat making Ms. scene-stealer Miss Racist 2013.

The girl with the nose piercing and an overly-smudged-eyeliner look is Devina DeDiva the one responsible for the outrageous uproar of Filipino netizens. On her Facebook account Devina commented on Megan Young’s title (details shown below).

*The one in bold is her fb status. The other statements below were her replies to the comments of her fb friends.


This insulting comment received a lot of shares after being posted on Facebook (the date I believe was on October 1).

My opinion:

I’m being patriotic as of the moment. 

It’s her opinion. But sometimes opinions are rather hushed and kept rather than being let out in the open. I’m fine with her bashing Megan Young because truth be told Young deserved the title more than any of the other contestants in the pageant. Young undoubtedly stood out among other foreign beauties and graced her way up to the top winning her the crown and the coveted title.

What really irks me is her degrading of Filipinos with their work as DH abroad. It doesn’t make Filipino DHs less of who they are because of their work. It’s a decent job more remarkable than Devina’s racist notions. It clearly shows how narrow-minded her views are. If she really wanted to be noticed in the first place, she has done a good job on attaining such status. She already has the limelight on her for being recklessly imprudent seeking attention and fame from her intolerable bully-esque remarks.

And if Devina’s reason was to express her views then she must be one troubled lady deserving of the hate from protective Filipinos (a dose of her own medicine).

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