Books for Less (October 4)

Hi book lovers! As promised I'm adding another set of books to my ever-growing list of cheap but great finds. 

First off is Carrie Ryan's postapocalyptic romance, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. It is the first book of a zombie themed trilogy. For the review of the first book click here.

The book costs only P99.00 from National Book Store. You'll have to be fortunate to find these books on sale at NBS. 

Below is a screenshot from with the original selling price of TFOHAT. $7.98 is like P343.00 (if the exchange rate doesn't change) and that will save you P244.00! Now we're talking!

Next up is the second book following The Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Dead-Tossed Waves.

Same with The Forest of Hands and Teeth the book also costs P99.00

Which also means its price on Amazon is also the same. So you'll also save P244.00 :)

The next book on the list is The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. It's the second book of a trilogy (The Maze Runner series). At National Book Store the book costs P99.00 (on a book bargain basis).

The book also costs $7.98 on Amazon which means P244.00 savings! :)

Lastly is the international bestseller by Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time. At National Book Store it costs P299.00.

At Book Sale (where everything is cheaper!!) the Hard Bound copy of the book costs P145.00, take note it's the Hard Bound copy compared to the Paper Back version (so it should be more expensive). Purchasing the book at Book Sale will make you P154.00 richer!


There will be more to come! Just you wait :)

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