Books For Less (October 3)

If you know me that much you would know that I love mystery novels. I love Gillian Flynn. So now, I'm reading another author who does mystery stories perfectly that it will haunt you after you've finished the book. Here are some of the books I bought for less. Happy me! :)

As you can see the the book I bought looks brand new. Softbound goodness for lesser price. Who wants cheap buys? We all do!!!

Purchased the book at Book Sale where everything is affordable

In the woods is Tana French's debut novel. 

Originally the book costs P97.00. Lucky me I bought it for only P75.00.

The price of the book on Amazon is $11.59 so that's roughly P509.00 in Php. That's more than 85% off the original selling price. What a deal that is! :)

I also bought my first book from Charlaine Harris. It's called Shakespeare's Counselor.

"Solid, clever, and quick.: -Library Journal

Surprisingly, the book costs P30.00. Imagine buying a good book for P30.00? It so amazing!

Shakespeare's Counselor costs P30.00

Less is more! :)

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