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The 34th Manila International Book Fair experience!

This is a late blog post as this event happened on September 11 - 15. But still I'm going to post this because it was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to share to my fellow book lovers out there. Enjoy!
Thanks to Fully Booked for the free passes for the event. Look at these cool and sleek passes they gave us! I still have one which I am currently using as a bookmark.
Before going inside the SMX Convention center I was able to have a picture of myself with the event logo located outside the Mall of Asia Complex (thanks to precious for this pic).

Once we got inside the convention center we were greeted by a throng of people all lined up for the book fair.

After a couple of minutes we made our way inside the event center. Here are some of the pictures I took:
The National Book Store's booth was huge. It seemed like another branch of NBS for the book fair. 

There's one corner inside the NBS booth where anyone can write their thoughts on post-its and paste them on the wall …

Community returns on Jan 2, 2014!!!

Who is excited for this? We all are!!! #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

Christmas is already in the air!

It’s already “BER” months. You can already hear Christmas songs while you rush in MRT stations, tune in to your favorite radio stations, and shuffle your way inside and outside malls. It is already in the air! Who here isn’t excited for the Yuletide season?
I’m already counting the days before Christmas with my newly installed widget. :)
I'm praying that everyone will have a blessed and merry Christmas!

Please pray also for Cebu, Bohol, and all the people in the Visayas region. #PHEarthquake

Stacie Orrico is so back!

Surely there is more to life now that Stacie Orrico is planning for a comeback after 7 years. She announced on her Youtube account (on October 7) her upcoming virtual concert via come November 6. The songstress also discussed what she’s been up to over the range of her hiatus (but this isn’t a break because Stacie’s been doing a lot of stuff lately).  She’s been travelling from one spot to another, studying women literature, meeting up with old friends, and she’s done acting lessons (does this mean she’s having an acting stint in the near future?).
Stacie Orrico is currently working on a new album (isn't this EXCITING?) which will mark as her comeback in the music scene.

For the video click here.

National Book Store Introduces October Office Blowout!