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Back when I was a child I was interested with horror stories more than anything in the world. I’d be with my peers at one of my friend’s house on a rainy evening, the power is out and a lone candle illuminates the whole room. We would tell ghost stories and exchange horrific glances when the climax part is up. And when the lights are back I’d go back to our house and remember every detail of the made-up stories. Even if it were fictitious it still freaks me out.  

After several years, whenever I’m up for a good scare I would read any Goosebumps stories. Since the books were costly back then I would borrow some of it from or school library and read it at home. Most of the time I’d borrow as many as I could and finish reading it all in one seating. An insatiable need to start another set still leaves me after reading one gripping story. 

The Goosebumps series has been so popular back in the days. It was more of a necessity. Almost everyone I know has read a book or two of the famed series. And they would tell the stories like it were their own. With stories following children as the main character, Goosebumps is one of the most successful series before top selling franchises such as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.

The Goosebumps series is written by R.L. Stine and was first published by Scholastic Publishing.  The first book of the series was released on July 1992 entitled Welcome to the Dead House. Since then the series has been successful with over 300 million copies sold worldwide and translated into 32 different languages. 

Here are some of the memorable books from the Goosebumps series.

  • Egg Monsters From Mars 

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Brandy, Dana's little sister, is having her birthday coming up a week before Easter. She cons her parents into setting up an egg hunt for her birthday.  But during the party, an egg fight ensues and the party becomes a disaster.  During the egg hunt, Dana finds a strange, large, pale green egg, which does not break when it is thrown by Dana's best friend Anne, much to Dana's amazement.. continue here.
  • The Beast From The East


Ginger Wald, former nature camp survivor, is on a vacation with her family in a forest.  Besides her mother and father, they are joined by her two twin brothers, Pat and Nat.  But they seem to prefer playing videogames than learning about nature.  After her father jokingly tells Ginger to go "lose" her brothers in the forest, the three siblings wind up lost in the forest...continue here.
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  • My Best Friend is Invisible

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Sammy Jacobs has two scientist hi parents and a scientist-in-training younger brother, Simon.  Sammy is the black sheep of the family, because he does not care about science, he cares about science fiction.  He busies himself reading books about ghosts and aliens while his brother, is fast at work measuring the growth of his body every day.  Sammy’s friend Roxanne comes over to berate Sammy for being such a poor athlete.  Sammy lost a track meet earlier in the day and Roxanne wants to make sure he does a better job at the mini-Olympics later in the week.  Sammy says he merely let her win and assures Roxanne that he will run faster.. continue here.

  • The Haunted Car

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A young boy, Mitchell Moinian, is a bit of a car fanatic.  The shelves of his bedroom hold multiple model cars, racing posters adorn his wall, and he even once mistakenly rented Separate Tables.  Mitchell is such a neutral when it comes to the automobiles that he claims he can identify any car just by closing his eyes and listening, a skill he brags about picking up from reading a lot of car magazines.  Unfortunately, all the car knowledge fails to prepare Mitchell for the trick his younger brother, Todd plays on him.  Todd makes him believe that a bag of laundry is a ghost.  Todd is convinced that ghosts exist.  Mitchell is convinced that ghost cars probably do not make noises he can identify with his eyes closed so why even bother considering their existence... continue here.
  • It Came From Beneath The Sink!

 Full Article here.
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  • Monster Blood

 Full Article here.
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  • Night of The Living Dummy

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Plot from back cover:
Lindy names the ventriloquist's dummy she finds Slappy. Slappy is kind of ugly, but he's a lot of fun. Lindy's having a great time learning to make Slappy move and talk. But Kris is jealous of all the attention her sister is getting. It's no fair. Why does Lindy have all the luck? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She'll show Lindy. Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil things. No way a dummy can be causing all the trouble. Or is there?

  • The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

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  •  Phantom of The Auditorium

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Brooke and Zeke are in the school play called THE PHANTOM. Later on, Brooke heres a story from a girl in the play that does the scenery. The girl tells Brooke a story about a boy who was suppose to be the phantom in 1923 was gone. Everyone including his parents got worried. The police looked everywhere and never found his body. If they try to do the play again his ghost appears on the stage.

  • Attack of The Mutant

 For the full article click here.
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  •  One Day At Horror land

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 For the full article click here.


  • Why I'm Afraid of Bees

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Gary Lutz is enjoying an average summer day by himself reading comics in his bedroom.  He does not have any friends and he is so clumsy that everyone has a habit of calling his names.  So, he then decides to spend the July afternoon spying on his next door neighbor, a middle-aged man named Mr. Andretti.  A bee farmer who owns multiple bee hives around his home.  Suddenly Gary grows worried and is warned to run away, after Mr. Andretti is overwhelmed by the bees! complete plot here.

  • Monster Blood II

 For the plot click here.
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  • Say Cheese and Die!

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 Read the plot here.

  • My Hairiest Adventure

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Larry Boyd and his friends find a bottle of expired tanning lotion in the garage and rub some on. Soon after, Larry begins sprouting hair on his hands, his friends keep disappearing, and there are more dogs in the neighborhood. Is the tanning lotion to blame?

  •  Calling All Creeps!

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Plot from back cover:
Ricky Beamer is furious when he gets kicked off the school paper. So he decides to play a joke on Tasha, the bossy editor in chief. Just a little joke. Harmless, really. After school one day he sticks a message in the paper. If you're a creep, call Tasha after midnight, it reads. But somehow ricky's message gets messed up. And now he'sgetting calls. Strange calls from kids who say they are creeps. Creeps with scaly purple skin. And long sharp fangs. . . .

  • Go Eat Worms!

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Todd Barstow loves worms. He loves digging them up on the baseball diamond behind the school after it rains, loves collecting them in an aquarium in his basement, and loves tormenting his sister Regina and her best friend Beth with them. Luckily his best friend Danny always gives him a hand in collecting worms, even though he does not quite share his friend’s enthusiasm.  Todd is known as that child who always wears the Raiders cap and loves worms. complete story...

  • You Can't Scare Me!

Plot from back cover:
Courtney is a total show-off. She thinks she's so brave, and she's always making Eddie and his friends look like wimps. Nothing can scare Courtney! Or so she says . . . Eddie's decided he's had enough. He's going to scare Courtney once and for all. He'll lure her down to Muddy Creek. Because he knows she acutally believes those silly rumors. Rumors that creepy Mud Monsters are lurking there. It's just too bad that Eddie doesn't believe those rumors, too. Because they just might be true. . . .

Source: http://goosebumps.wikia.com/wiki/You_Can%27t_Scare_Me!
photo: goosebumps.wikia.com

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