Introducing Noom Weight Loss Coach

introducing Noom Weight Loss Coach

If you’re a health buff or you’re just trying to shed some weight off then Noom is the best smartphone application for you! Noom Weight Loss Coach is an application which serves as a virtual fitness coach providing its users with tips on how to lose weight the best possible way.

color coded graphs showing calorie content of your food inrake

It also has a calorie counter which you can set every day. This calorie counter reminds you to input your food intake for a specific meal. It will then calculate the total calories consumed and will generate another graph which shows the recommended amount of calories for each meal. It simply tracks your food intake, exercise routines, and weight loss progress.

pedometer counts your steps 

The application also has a pedometer which counts the number of steps you made for a certain day. It saves all the information in your smart phone and gives you a summary of it right at the tip of your fingers. The pedometer application does not utilize the battery power of your phone making it a powerful and an energy-efficient application.

the app also provides users with articles that will help them attain a more active and healthy lifestyle

NWLC provides users with informational articles regarding proper weight loss routines and many other scientifically proven regimen to keep them fit and fab.

For the complete info regarding this one-of-a-kind application click here.

With many satisfied users all around the globe Noom Weight Loss Coach is one of the best weight loss application there is in the market.

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