have you heard about LibraryThing?

If you want to create a list of the books you've read, and you want these lists to be available online then I would recommend to you LibraryThing. 

LibraryThing is  a user-friendly and an interactive book cataloging web app. According to Wikipedia the latter application was developed by Tim Spalding and went live on August 29, 2005. As of April 2013 it has over 1,650,000 users and more than 80 million books catalogued.

It's a very useful application especially for book lovers who want to discover new reads from countless of book recommendations available online. 

In LibraryThing books are catalogued  in a systematized way. The interface is simple making the application easy to use and implement. 

For the purpose of this blog, I'd like to show the readers one important feature of LT, wherein users can add and rate books according to their liking. 

To be able to access the book cataloging system the user must secure an account by signing up.

Once the user is done creating and verifying his account, He can now access the web app by logging into the system.

The homepage consists of useful information which the user can easily see in one glance. Here you can see your books, to-read list, recommendations, reviews, communities, and many more.

There’s an “add book” tab located on top of the home page, once clicked you can add the books you’ve already read and you wanted to read in the future.

After clicking the "Add Books" link, users will be directed to the page where they can add their preferred reads.

1. Type in the title, author, ISBN, etc of the book you want to search. Click the search button and wait for the results on the right pane.

2. There will be many versions of the book under the results pane, choose the version you want and wait for another pop-up window for the next step.

In the process of adding a book, you can automatically rate and add your review with it. 
(Just click the link beside the "Rating" part) Don’t forget to include tags as these will be useful for other users searching for books. Once done, click on save and voila you have shared your book review instantly.

Below is the screenshot for writing your reviews. You can easily share it using your twitter account and facebook.

Whenever a user adds the same book you have on your list chances are he will be able to see your well-written review of the book.

If you have a Goodreads account you'll find LibraryThing easier to use and implement. Try and create your LibraryThing account by clicking here.


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