the SWAP experience

the SWAP tarp  

Launched on May 22nd at the activity center of Glorietta 2, Tomato Philippines introduces the coolest thing that has ever happen to wrist watches, the fashionable and hip SWAP.
With many different interchangeable strap designs to choose from many are making the big switch already.

“SWAP” wrist watches as the name implies is the newest product from Tomato Time which comes in a wide variety of unique strap designs and watchfaces. You can choose a different design on a different day depending on your style and mood. The newest offering exudes individuality as customers wear their design of choice to show character and attitude.

On August 17, Tomato Ph visited Serendra to promote their fab watch line. The mini event included acrobatic acts to liven up the promotion. The SWAP watchfaces and straps were showcased elegantly on a mini-van with an interactive touchscreen monitor showing different silicone strap designs and colors.

this kid is good at what he is doing

i tried not to watch but the stunt was incredible

giddy customers choosing their purchases

SWAP wristwatches come in different strap designs and cool watchfaces

For more info click here.

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