Katy Perry returns with ROAR


Monday, August 12, Katy Perry returns with her latest single, ROAR.

Roar, is an empowering song with a great message in it. That is being yourself and loving the fact that you are in control of your life. The single resembles to that of Sara Bareilles’ Brave but with Perry’s originality crafted through the LSS-certified track.

A catchy track, Roar is different in comparison to Katy Perry’s previous hits. It’s devoid of that “California Gurls-esque” vibe and “Teenage Dream-ish” feel but the message of maturity is evident of the lyrics.
Roar is the official lead single from “Prism”, the third of Katy Perry’s successful major labels. Available in stores on October 22, 2013 under Capital Records.

Below is the Lyric Video of  Roar.

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