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the SWAP experience

Launched on May 22nd at the activity center of Glorietta 2, Tomato Philippines introduces the coolest thing that has ever happen to wrist watches, the fashionable and hip SWAP. With many different interchangeable strap designs to choose from many are making the big switch already.

“SWAP” wrist watches as the name implies is the newest product from Tomato Time which comes in a wide variety of unique strap designs and watchfaces. You can choose a different design on a different day depending on your style and mood. The newest offering exudes individuality as customers wear their design of choice to show character and attitude.
On August 17, Tomato Ph visited Serendra to promote their fab watch line. The mini event included acrobatic acts to liven up the promotion. The SWAP watchfaces and straps were showcased elegantly on a mini-van with an interactive touchscreen monitor showing different silicone strap designs and colors.

For more info click here.
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Of zombies and tragic love stories: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Think of this: Twilight meets The Walking Dead, or any zombie themed movie and you will have The Forest of Hands and Teeth.
A love story set in a village deep within the woods. A dystopian community within the confines of fences protecting its villagers from the infestation marked by the Return. The village is ruled by The Sisterhood and The Guardians, a group of nuns and highly experienced hunters respectively. Both are trained to protect the people from the outside, from the threat of the undead –the Unconsecrated.
The story starts with Mary narrating how her mother told her stories of the ocean and the life beyond the fences. And the story started gaining pace when one day her mother was bitten and turned.
Mary, who believes in the existence of the ocean and life beyond the forest filled with the Unconsecrated wishes to discover all of the answers to her questions. And she will find herself in a terrifying realization as secrets are revealed and events unravel to destroy the very f…

LSS: Round and Round by Imagine Dragons

I love everything about the band especially their songs. And this one-of-a-kind track caught my attention.
The lyrics of the song are perfectly infused with its flowing melodies. The song for me tells that our lives are intertwined. We are in an endless loop of experiences. The life we live should not be confined within our own comfort zones. We must discover as we search the very reason of our being in a series of events that we call LIFE.
The album in totality reminds us that we have only one life and this life is not to be wasted. Never.

The real story behind The Conjuring.

If you’re up for a good scare then I would highly recommend you watch The Conjuring.

The Conjuring is based on a true story of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. It chronicles the couple’s paranormal undertaking on the Perron’s supposedly haunted house.

To save me the time, I’ll cut the story short. The Warren’s were able to exorcise and confront the demonic entity residing in the confines of the Perron’s residence. It was difficult as the ghost of Bathsheba, an accused witch who practiced witchcraft and sacrificed her children to the devil, grew more powerful. In the end they were able to extract the ghost who possessed Carolyn Perron and stopped her from killing one of her daughters.
As I watched the movie with blocked sight for like half the time it dawned on me and I asked myself if the story was based on real events. And as the movie ended and when the credits started showing I was dumbfounded having realized that the movie was based on reality.
I made my research and…

a different take on humor: Community

I’ve never been hooked to an American series since How I met Your Mother. And I never thought I could be engrossed in such a series due to the fact that HIMYM is already a package deal to me, an over-the-top of a series with all the elements mixed and mashed up in a harmonious and perfect way.
Then came Community.
At first I was skeptical (who wasn’t?). I’ve been a die-hard fan of the phenomenal group (which resembles to FRIENDS) and never was I watching another comedy series. My focus should be on HIMYM alone, especially that the series will be ending soon. I never remembered what or who changed my mind then. I just found myself enjoying the funny antics and the crazy shenanigans of the study group headed by Jeff Winger.

Community is an American comedy hit series following the lives of seven college students of Greendale Community College and some of the faculty members as well.
It started out when Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) a suspended lawyer who enrolled himself at Greendale tried to se…

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

After the tragic death of his grandfather, Jacob is set to unravel the mystery of his beloved grandfather’s demise. And finds himself travelling in a Welsh island where he is caught in a twisted and adventurous journey to discover the answers to his childhood questions.
A fantasy book with the addition of the creepy looking vintage pictures, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a fun, dark, and riveting read.
At the end of the book you’ll smell the probability of a sequel. And yes there already is book 2 entitled Hollow City (which is yet to be released).
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will hit the big screen (oh you read it right!) on July 2015, to be directed by Tim Burton himself. For the complete scoop here is the link.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Currently Reading: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Since I'm not yet familiar on how to link my Goodreads account to my blog this would likely be my attempt on attaining it. Rest assured that I will work on it definitely. So for now here it is..

LSS : Maria Mena (I Always Liked That)

The Maria Mena that we loved before is back again with her soulful and inspiring song, “I Always liked that”.  
After waiting for eternity and getting slightly disappointed with “F*ck you”, I am so glad that the long wait is finally over.
“I Always Liked That” is the second single from “Weapon in Mind”, Maria Mena’s latest album.
This song talks about having confidence in one’s own skin. It cleverly employs the many different wars we’re at and the seemingly unending issues we have in life. Mena delivers exceptionally with her tender and fragile singing voice the fears and insecurities we have with ourselves. She does it perfectly and tries to accentuate the importance of loving oneself and having a life of contentment and satisfaction.

As a fan, I’m pretty excited as to when the international release of WIM will be. For now, I’m still waiting for it.

Lyrics of the song is available here.

Watch I Always Liked That Video below:

Katy Perry returns with ROAR

Monday, August 12, Katy Perry returns with her latest single, ROAR.
Roar, is an empowering song with a great message in it. That is being yourself and loving the fact that you are in control of your life. The single resembles to that of Sara Bareilles’ Brave but with Perry’s originality crafted through the LSS-certified track.
A catchy track, Roar is different in comparison to Katy Perry’s previous hits. It’s devoid of that “California Gurls-esque” vibe and “Teenage Dream-ish” feel but the message of maturity is evident of the lyrics.

Roar is the official lead single from “Prism”, the third of Katy Perry’s successful major labels. Available in stores on October 22, 2013 under Capital Records.

Below is the Lyric Video of  Roar.