catch up with your old friends NOW!

Time is fleeting. It was just a couple of years ago when I was busy doing school stuff and now I’m currently working my ass off to make ends meet. Times have changed. And the transition is not smooth-sailing all the time. That’s why it made me think of many things, specifically the one that led me to write this. FRIENDS.

When was the last time you’ve hung out with your old friends? (By old I mean, friends you’ve had for the longest time.) The last time you saw or even talked to them? How long did the conversation last? Were you satisfied as you parted ways?

Nowadays, it’s really difficult to catch up with your old friends. Believe you me, it can be so challenging.  I’ve been a corporate slave for so long that meeting friends and setting up reunions were a burden to me. It would be a coincidence of some sort whenever I meet a close friend unexpectedly but 99% of the time it does not happen.

At work I’ve made many friends and as time went by I realized one major difference between the new set of friends I have and my old friends.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love all my friends. This is just a realization which I believe is experienced by everyone.

As an observation, topics discussed and the duration of the conversation would be the major factors that differentiate my old friends from the new ones. (Which in fact is the main topic of this rubbish post)

Subjects discussed with new acquaintances would be current and up-to-date depending on the level of closeness you have. Examples of these would be your current status in life, how your work sucks, your short term goals and whatnot. But with the old ones there would be an endless list of topics to tackle. A sky-is-the-limit thing more or less. It would be an intimate meeting of minds, a walk down the memory nostalgia, a Five-Years-From-Now interview, and a whole lot of more. (You know what I mean!)

Topics with your new found friends might stretch to 1 – 4 hours (6 hrs max). But when you’re already grappling for newer issues, you’ll recognize it’s time to start an out-of-this-world subject to prolong the conversation. With your old friends, a day will not be enough or so to catch up. There would always be an emerging topic even before the first one ends. And the catch here is that it would be funnier, more interesting, and livelier. The bottomline is, the dialogues will be endless and the exchange of ideas will be relentlessly interminable. I believe this is due to the fact that we don’t see our close friends that much but nevertheless you’ll get the whole idea of the “catching up” part.

That is why whenever you have time with your old friends make it a priority to maximize every moment of it. Never settle for just an hour to a half day bonding time. Make it a point to set a whole day for the mini-reunion or better schedule an overnight. It will be very difficult considering the busy schedules your friends have but it will be worth it.

Life is too short. Time is fleeting. Enjoy life when you have the time especially with people you consider “friends for life”.

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