A very late and untimely review of Paramore's PARAMORE.

Paramore has definitely veered away from their typical angst-driven, pop rock-ish, and emo-esque songs. The transition is seemingly evident on their newest self-titled album. 

Released on April 8, the fourth album consists of seventeen fresh tracks that would soon hit the radio waves with a BANG.

The band has grown mature in their musicality which may shock a number of fans. A lot of things can happen in four years and I believe the band has struggled with the many changes that happened throughout their career. It’s a crucial moment for them but the band carried on and continued making great music driven by their passion. It really took them a while to resurface on the music scene but the wait has been worth it.

A lovable track, “Still into You” promises a romantic ode with a feel good vibe until the very last melody.

“Fast in My Car” is an edgy track with a very catchy chorus deserving of a 5 star rate. This one goes to the list of my favourites in the album. I get the feeling of driving a cool Mustang shotgun with my friends on a hot and laid-back Saturday morning.

Sensationally satisfying, “Ain’t It Fun” explores and delivers with gusto the fears of the future (adulthood) and the typical familiarity we have with the past (childhood). It then goes to an unpredictable twist near the end of the song, a gospel infused anthem which makes it more infectious.

With a country-esque vibe accompanied only by a ukulele, “Interlude: Moving On” delivers what the song really translates. It is a clever take on passivity and the thought of just forgetting the past and moving on with life.

“Hate to See Your Heart Break” emphasizes Hayley’s vocal prowess as she mellows out in this sweet sweet track.

“Grow Up” is more of a statement anthem from the band, stating the inevitable fact of growth and maturity. I believe Paramore’s latest offering revolves around the “coming-of-age” theme. And this can be heard from majority of their songs.

On a first-play basis it’s nearly impossible not to love the album. It’s as if all the tracks are standouts in their own way. I was never a fan of Paramore before; although I’ve caught myself humming to some of their songs from previous albums until now. But their newest gem made me change my mind.

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