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F(x) returns with Pink Tape

With their funky moves and sensational hits f(x) has made their unprecedented comeback with their first single “Rum Pum Pum Pum” from their 2nd album Pink Tape. Released on July 29, the single gained instant success as it topped iTunes charts across Asia and USA. 
Infectiously playful, the track describes first love like a wisdom tooth; It will grow suddenly out  of nowhere and will keep you sleepless for days. 
Although the music video is nothing new compared to previous f(x) mvs; the upbeat K-pop anthem will leave listeners dancing to its catchy rhythm. And will change K-pop cynics' minds as well.

Watch Rum Pum Pum Pum music video below.

Demi Album Review

They say that when an album is self-titled automatically it is personal and considered the best of what the artist has to offer. On her fourth album, Demi is set to captivate us [again] with her top charter tracks and soon to be LSS certified hits.
Released on May 14th, the album consists of 13 unique tracks showing the singer-songwriter’s versatility and depth in her craft.
The album opens with“Heart Attack”, a fresh and energetic single which shows Demi’s impeccable vocal range. It’s impressively eargasmic and one of her strongest single yet.
“Made in the USA”, is more of a patriotic anthem than an ode of love but still the song delivers.

Heart-warming and poignant,“Without the Love”is one of my favorite tracks from her record. It’s a stand-out track which is beautifully written with Demi’s vulnerability splashed all over the lyrics.
Ditch the happy and jovial songs,“In Case”is different, a detour to the typical Demi-songs. The Camp Rock star takes us on to another level with this flawle…

Paramore Album Review

Paramore has definitely veered away from their typical angst-driven, pop rock-ish, and emo-esque songs. The transition is seemingly evident on their newest self-titled album. 

Released on April 8, the fourth album consists of seventeen fresh tracks that would soon hit the radio waves with a BANG.
The band has grown mature in their musicality which may shock a number of fans. A lot of things can happen in four years and I believe the band has struggled with the many changes that happened throughout their career. It’s a crucial moment for them but the band carried on and continued making great music driven by their passion. It really took them a while to resurface on the music scene but the wait has been worth it.
A lovable track,“Still into You”promises a romantic ode with a feel good vibe until the very last melody.
“Fast in My Car”is an edgy track with a very catchy chorus deserving of a 5 star rate. This one goes to the list of my favourites in the album. I get the feeling of driving a…

The Blessed Unrest (Album Preview)

At last, after posting my very first blogpost for months I've already uploaded a new video on my Youtube account. This video is a compilation of the songs from Sara Bareilles' latest album entitled "The Blessed Unrest". The video includes the titles of the songs with simple animations created using Adobe After Effects. Please bear with the abrupt song transition. I really needed to post it ASAP. Enjoy!

The Blessed Unrest Album Review

After 3 years of waiting, at last, Sara Bareilles’ newest album is now out! The Blessed Unrest which was released on July 16, 2013 is Bareilles’ fourth full-length studio album next to Kaleidoscope Heart (released on 2010) through Epic Records.

The album consists of 13 (with 2 bonus tracks if bought from Target) tracks written by Sara herself. And as the artist explained on her Youtube account, her newest offering is more personal compared to the previous albums. She disclosed her concern on the possible reaction of her beloved fans to The Blessed Unrest. Since she slightly deviated from the kind of songs she usually has on her albums, the singer/songwriter has been hesitant until the release of TBU.
On the day of its release I searched through all the nooks and crannies of the World Wide Web for the album and finally found and downloaded it. I was never disappointed with Sara Bareilles’ albums but TBU was different, less of the heartbreaking songs (SB’s trademark) and more of who she …