In defense of the Cybercrime Law

For my own sake I decided to enlighten myself by reading the infamous Cybercrime Law otherwise known as the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012″. I got a copy of it and I tried reading its entirety so that I will not be misled by the hullabaloos of people that manifested from rallies to anonymous group of computer geeks illegally infiltrating government sites and domains. It’s better to have a clear understanding of the issue before clamouring for something you’re not sure of.


A day before the CL has taken its effect, Facebook and Twitter went black-out. Users changed their profile pictures to black colored images and soon enough other users (some faddists) started changing their DPs too. (Including me.)  And profile pictures, headers containing texts and edited pictures started emerging from one post to another. It was like a plague of some sort, a cyber-plague. But not everyone went with the newest craze; some were just practicing indifference while others don’t care at all.

After carefully reading the contents of the Cybercrime Law I realized that what I did with the changing of my DP was kind of reckless. I should’ve first read the CL before doing things that I thought was cool because everyone was doing it. I was wrong on every level. That is why this time I went over with the bill and amassed ideas that were sure far from just going with the flow. What I learned from it: Always have a sense of principle. Do not just go on with the flow. Have your own principle and stand to it. Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean it’s right. And before commenting on a certain issue, especially on a controversial law, make sure you’ve read the whole thing. Or you’ll end up fighting for a useless cause.


            Also dubbed as the E-martial law, the CL took years before its long-awaited proclamation. And now it seems that everyone is against it; that it was much of a law and it definitely curtails the freedom of speech which is the main issue of all the black outs happening in the cyberspace. 

            The main problem with this law is that at some point it counteracts the freedom of speech. And as far as my reasoning is concern it is “FLAWED”. I don’t know much of lawyer jargons but the law must be revised immediately. How come that the senators who signed for its implementation never debated on some controversial parts of the latter? How come that they never set or standardized the issue of how sharing, liking, and retweeting a post can be considered a crime? How will the cyber perpetuators be punished by just a simple act? These are some of the many questions that would soon be raised against the Cybercrime Law’s implementation. And I’m afraid there will be more of it to come.

            On the brighter side of things, the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is still commendable. And I should say with some parts of the law amended especially on the Libel issue it would really be a useful and effective bill. 


            Our country is faced with bigger problems and sad to say the government seems unfocused on the greater picture. I think our government needs to focus and work on the obvious and unceasing problems that are slowly killing not only its economy but its citizens as well. I think our beloved law makers should continuously work on these problems.
   1.      Poverty
   2.      Corruption
   3.      Cruelty to Animals
   4.      Political dynasty
   5.      Territorial dispute
   6.      Proper Budget Allocations
   7.      Terrorism
   8.      Smuggling
   9.      Prostitution
  10.  Human trafficking
  11.  Calamity Awareness and Preparedness
  12.  Kidnapping
  13.  Forced Disappearances
  14.  And many more…

Senators should improve those flawed and toothless laws: impose higher penalties on heinous crimes, and prolong jail time for the perpetuators of crimes such as murder, prostitution, corruption, terrorism, kidnapping, and many more.

As of the moment, Filipinos are not yet ready for the Cybercrime Law. If the obvious problems will be addressed first it would not be much of a problem of resistance anymore.

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