A day with friendship and frencherps

photo by Harlene. :)

I got the chance to chat and bond with two of my favourite persons in the world and talk for like 5 hours non-stop.

We started from simple topics such as work, job hunting, other peoples’ lives, and a whole lot of unimaginable topics one sane mind could never conceive.
But what I really liked out of those seemingly endless topics were “LOVE LIFE” and “A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: COLLEGE EDITION”.

As we sat comfortably and talked about our lives I decided starting a new topic: College life (The Past).
Well, it has always been our wish and also our adviser’s to have a reunion of some sort. But the much awaited get-together seems elusive as of the moment due to the busy schedule of most of the wanef peeps. I just hope that it would be slated sooner than expected.
We laughed and almost cried as we recall some of the highlights of our College days: the overnights we had just to beat the deadline for our system, the memorable Computer week that went from cool to expensive (you know what I mean!), the circle of friends we had back then, the major fights and misunderstanding among our dear classmates, and how things changed after graduation but still we were still friends hanging out together whenever we have the time to spare.

OMG. Kill me now. If you can’t kill me, then do the honor of suing me instead.
If you want to talk about love life or say you want help on that complicated part of your life, don’t ever ask any of my suggestions. Why? 
 1.    I don’t know you.
2.  I don’t talk to strangers.
3. I don’t have a radio show that gives advice to troubled lovers, etc, and afterwards airs a very sensitive/sensual show and talk about raunchy things and stuffs. (I think this show is really irrelevant considering the length of airtime and exposure it has.)
4. I have not been in any relationship yet so I cannot be the best person for the job.

I can give the best advice to someone considering I know him/her and we are close.

We continued our chitchat and tackled topics such as past relationships, regrets from the past, restraining possibilities, and the same old heart tugging experiences. (Don’t expect me to share a thing or two. I’m just a wallflower watching experienced young adults play their part in the game of love.) And then we tried coaxing a friend into divulging something and finally she bit the bait. I can say that that would be the highlight of our meet-up because that became the trending topic we discussed that day.
After what seemed to be an eternity, we realized that it was already late and the weather is a bit moody, time for our goodbyes. And as I ascended the tricycle which would then take me closer to home I smiled my crooked smile and thought “What a day! I’ll want more of this in the future!”

To friendship and frencherps, thanks for your time, money, effort, the venue, treats, etc. Let’s do this again!

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