Randomly Cluttered is back!

I have been inactive for a long time since the last blog entry I’ve posted and it was like eons ago. I really find it ironical because I have the time in the world and I also have the resources I need but I’ve never concocted or created a blog entry in a span of say 2-4 months. I guess I was not that driven enough and my creative juices were not that overflowing. But since I’ve already made my point on the very lengthy self-imposed hiatus I had there’s no way that I’m going to post this blog without at least one or two reinforcements. In that way I can say “Hey! My Blog site is still very much alive. The owner is just too lazy to even conceptualize and write new blog posts.”
And with that I leave you with a promise. Even if I’ll be starting my oh-so-very-anticipated-work I will always have time to come up with the freshest and unadulterated ideas that will eventually materialize into blog entries of some sort.
 One thing I really missed during my super long vacation of being unemployed – writing my thoughts on a clean sheet of paper and compiling all of it for future use.
I remember reading one of those notes I jotted way back my College days. And as I started perusing the stuff I was on the verge of throwing up flowers and butterflies. It really brought back a myriad of memories I chose not to divulge here, memories that will only be etched on my rusty and frequently used brain, memories that I will bring with me on my grave. But nah, nevermind me nevermind me I’ll just cast shadows on your walls (to the tune of Nevermind Me by Maria Mena). So here I am with my uncompromised promise of sharing a part of myself that would not be physically concrete, something that would be of great use to plagiarists and the like and to those who just want to kill time by reading someone else’s thoughts confined on a digitized diary of some sort. Enjoy this piece of me I leave in this world.    

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