I started my Goodreads account

If you are a bookish person who can’t sleep every night without reading a book,  someone who feels a different kind of feeling whenever you’re surrounded by books (like me!), someone who chews paperbacks for lunch, or you just want a new account other than your overly used facebook then this is the one you needed all your life.
Introduced to me by a friend, Goodreads is a website where you can post, read, and write reviews of your favourite books and authors. You can also interact with other users and join online book clubs if you have the time to spare. I love Goodreads because it is bookish-friendly. You can rate books you’ve read, recommend books to your online friends, interact with Goodreads authors, and indicate if you’ve already read the book, want to read it, or you’re currently reading it as of the moment. There are so many things you can do with it to maximize your account. As for me I have created my account a week ago hence, the limited knowledge I have concerning the topic. If you want more you can click on the link I’ve provided below and afterwards you can add me as a friend, I don’t have any friends yet. Enjoy!

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