Time flies so fast when you’re having fun and by having fun I mean hanging out with your closest friends.
The aforementioned statement is already a cliché of some sort. A general truth derived from generations of people who found comfort and unexplainable joy in the company of other people.
And I can never be happier with the set of friends I have particularly these bigwigs whom I consider crème de la creepy…. We call ourselves EMT, which stands for our first names combined together. Yup you heard that right. It is the concatenation of the first letters of our names. I know it’s corny but mind you we’ve already outgrew ourselves with the thought of it. And in the long run I kind of already liked the name. What it stands for and how it came to this point that it is still as it is.
When you can talk for thousands of hours and never get tired blabbering out even the mundane things and in the same time never feel inconvenient, restrained, and fixed then that is something, a deep and weird kind of friendship.
It’s like puzzle pieces fitting altogether to form a rather large picture, but not the romantic thing. But mind you, romantic affairs start from being friends then later on to something more of the latter.
E : Emer

The soft spoken one. We like bullying him for fun but with limitations (of course!). He’s very humble and forgiving. A true friend who will back you up in times of need and will be there when you need him ASAP (especially during DOTA sessions… BEFORE). Emer has the memory of a turtle but he surely ain’t slow in timing. Sometimes he cracks the lamest jokes but with perfect timing he can send you ROFL! (Which is very rare) Hahaha!
A photographer wannabe, this guy also wants to travel the world and be a traveller by profession. And I guess that won’t be elusive because I know we will be helping each other out on pursuing our deepest and wildest dreams!
M: Mhelga

            The thorn among the roses. A fashionista wannabe, this not-so-young lady (JK) knows what she wants and how to get it. A gregarious wanderer who has no time for sleep because for her sleep is for the weak. A booklover and a blogger too, she ventures into the depths of humankind in search for true love (again JK). One thing I like about her is that she can be your best friend and at the same time your worst enemy (I promise you, we’ve been there for the nth time already). But all is well that ends well because now she’s part of the league of three.

T: The one who made this

Nevermind that dude, he’s self-centered and all that stuff. He just wants everyone to know how lucky he is for meeting these crazy dudes with the same ideology, hobbies, and whatnot that he has.

Friends come and go but the real ones are those who are willing to stay no matter what happens. We all have friends like that; it’s just a matter of realizing those who are willing to stay with you until the very end. I’m glad I know mine (you know who you are). I have multitudes of them and I’ll never get tired or clueless not to write them all here. Until then…

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