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INTRODUCTION Time flies so fast when you’re having fun and by having fun I mean hanging out with your closest friends. The aforementioned statement is already a cliché of some sort. A general truth derived from generations of people who found comfort and unexplainable joy in the company of other people. EMT: ETYMOLOGY And I can never be happier with the set of friends I have particularly these bigwigs whom I consider crème de la creepy…. We call ourselves EMT, which stands for our first names combined together. Yup you heard that right. It is the concatenation of the first letters of our names. I know it’s corny but mind you we’ve already outgrew ourselves with the thought of it. And in the long run I kind of already liked the name. What it stands for and how it came to this point that it is still as it is. WHAT FRIENSHIP MEANS When you can talk for thousands of hours and never get tired blabbering out even the mundane things and in the same time never feel inconvenient, restrained, and f…

Nganga (My entry for Binhi : Himig)

Walang magawa, Nakatunganga lang sa wala. Nganga.
Iniwan ka niya, At ngayon ay nagiisa. Nganga.
Nag DOTA nang magdamagan, Kaya sa exam ay walang nasagutan. Nganga.
Huling huli sa akto ang krimeng ginawa mo Sa CCTV camera, kaya arestado. Nganga.
Patapos ka na sa tinatayp na project, Nang biglang nag brownout, Nakabadtrip. Nganga.
Maleleyt ka na sa klase, Trapik pa sa biyahe, Nganga.
Masyadong pa-epek sa cellphone na dala, At nasungkit ni mamang holdaper, sa may eskineta banda. Nganga.
Beauty and brains ika nga, ngunit nang ikaw ay tinanong, Walang maisip na sagot sa inyong Q & A portion. Nganga.

Tapusin mo nalang at malapit na rin ito, Tulang walang saysay ngunit sadyang totoo. Nganga.
Reaksyong dulot ng sobrang gulat at kaba, Dala ng  mga pambihirang karansanan pag ika’y nakanganga. Nganga.

Kaleidoscope Heart (A Review)

Sara Bareilles is a genius. She is a witty song writer, a talented singer, a piano virtuoso as well (though she can play almost all instruments), and a Grammy nominee. She delivers all of her magic in her third studio album and second major label album, Kaleidoscope Heart.

With fourteen tracks all of which are original, Sara shows all of “HER” in every song in her latest gem. The album starts with “Kaleidoscope Heart” which runs for a minute, the only song in the album that you can consider short and at the same time long-lasting in effect.

Her empowering tracks “Uncharted” and “King of Anything” and the upbeat song “Gonna Get Over You” which is a groovy one shows the hopeless romantic and cool side of the beautiful artist.

The album also consists of her usual heart breaking, poignant, and vulnerable songs such as “Breathe Again” which is one of the sound tracks of the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries, “The Light” and “Hold My Heart”.

My personal favorites would be “Machine Gun” (which…

I started my Goodreads account

If you are a bookish person who can’t sleep every night without reading a book,  someone who feels a different kind of feeling whenever you’re surrounded by books (like me!), someone who chews paperbacks for lunch, or you just want a new account other than your overly used facebook then this is the one you needed all your life. Introduced to me by a friend, Goodreads is a website where you can post, read, and write reviews of your favourite books and authors. You can also interact with other users and join online book clubs if you have the time to spare. I love Goodreads because it is bookish-friendly. You can rate books you’ve read, recommend books to your online friends, interact with Goodreads authors, and indicate if you’ve already read the book, want to read it, or you’re currently reading it as of the moment. There are so many things you can do with it to maximize your account. As for me I have created my account a week ago hence, the limited knowledge I have concerning the topic…

Randomly Cluttered is back!

I have been inactive for a long time since the last blog entry I’ve posted and it was like eons ago. I really find it ironical because I have the time in the world and I also have the resources I need but I’ve never concocted or created a blog entry in a span of say 2-4 months. I guess I was not that driven enough and my creative juices were not that overflowing. But since I’ve already made my point on the very lengthy self-imposed hiatus I had there’s no way that I’m going to post this blog without at least one or two reinforcements. In that way I can say “Hey! My Blog site is still very much alive. The owner is just too lazy to even conceptualize and write new blog posts.” And with that I leave you with a promise. Even if I’ll be starting my oh-so-very-anticipated-work I will always have time to come up with the freshest and unadulterated ideas that will eventually materialize into blog entries of some sort.  One thing I really missed during my super long vacation of being unemployed …