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It is more fun in The Philippine Artisan!

No need to elaborate the details.. here are the proofs of it.
Drexler on his self-imposed beauty rest. 

Drexler making an "Apple Diet" pose on top of a gigantic rock.

One of my "PAUSOS", beauty shots.

6th TUPEG. Very memorable.

Our Puerto Galera Escapade.

Fear Factor / PA's amazing race.

Our annual CJSW, as usual it was fun!

His attempt on having a perfect picture.

Artimag release. It's morphin' time!

Ampalaya concoction, that should be delicious. :)

Habulan Gahasa game.

Midair poses.

Our birthday surprise for Jaypee.

Having lunch while listening to a particular discussion.

We look like beggars here.

Bored. Got nothing to do.

PA's own way of expressing love.

Drexler's treat for our successful Artimag release.