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anger management

You failed the exam while your happy-go-lucky, and cheater classmate toppled the class. What will be your initial reaction? Your 5-minute grace period is about to end and yet you’re still stuck in traffic. How would you feel? Your partner forgot to bring his laptop for your presentation and your professor is already furious. What will you do? You are about to get your classcards and finish the enrolment process when suddenly the registrar announced that the enrolment for that day is already finished. How exactly are you going to react? The following situations suggest us one similar reaction. Others prefer to use harsh terms such as lash out, go berserk, or even devour someone. But all of it boils down to a completely normal human emotion – anger. When we are anger, we tend to be aggressive with our responses, causing us to do irrational and inappropriate things we’ll regret in the future. And the best way to reduce these effects is to learn to control our feelings and reactions in a const…