Because I have a randomly cluttered blog, this post might do its magic on this blog site.
Well, this video below is the one we made for our commercial in Marketing. We shot it from three different locations with Alyssa as my partner. I did the video editing part and as far as I am concern I like our commercial. It’s not pucho-pucho (mediocre). We’ve exerted too much effort in making this one. We started a bit earlier that’s why we ended early too. The bottomline is the commercial we made is the bomb! And I hope to share it with everyone.
BTW, I just started making videos when I got my netbook and that was months ago. I’m not bragging but I really have a thing for video editing and with proper training and video editing applications, maybe I can do more out of the limited resources I have.
If you want to see the unmuted version just visit my Youtube channel and play it directly there.
Disclaimer: We do not own any copyright of the product. We just came up with the name of it and the tagline. No copyright infringement intended.
                The music we used here is not ours. The song we used is from Panic at the Disco entitled “New Perspective” (I do not know the record label but I guess that’s fine).

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