Age Association

If death is the no.1 thing that most people are afraid of then I think getting older comes next to that.

When we age older we seem to overthink things. Our mind creates a long list of trivial questions that seem very daunting. Like “Do I look old already?”, “Are those fine lines?”, “What? Uban?”, “How am I supposed to look and feel younger?” and the list just goes on and on.

          Well, that’s normal. You see we live in a world or should I say a country where age really matters (And age is associated with almost all things). When you’re young and successful many people would look up to you. When you’re already 21 and still in high school then it would be very embarrassing. People nowadays tend to associate age with lifestyle, social circles, behaviour, etc.

          As for me it may be true but not to the point of generalizing it or “branding” as it is coined.

Like if you’re young then you need to be a party animal, the life of the party and many other fun stuff. But when you are older than that then partying would already be a bad thing for you.

      In my humble opinion, it is okay to have that mentality. Being older does not limit ones privilege but ability and performance wise, it can be a great thing.

        The problem is that many people tend to associate age with almost everything, even the insignificant ones.

Let me take this as an example. I experienced feeling humiliated because of my age when I got back in college. I’m already 18 when I got back into studying and most of my classmates’ ages range from 15-17 (First Year). When my classmates would ask for my age I would give them my real age and afterwards I would feel bad (I really have no idea what comes into their heads after knowing my age). Since my age does not differ from them I got along with my entire classmates (except for those I hate, yup there where many of them). But still the stigma was inevitable, for there where instances I experienced criticisms and pre-judgemental notions just because I’m older.

 Yes, it’s cool when you’re 16 and you’re already a college freshman but what good does it give you? Bragging rights I guess? But are you mature enough to face the unfriendly world of college life? I guess not.

      When we turn a year older many things are expected from us. But from those expectations the one that stands out is on how mature we become each year. I’m sure many of you would agree with me because everyone needs a bit of “MATURITY”. Reality gives us reasons on why we grow older each year. One added year means another level of maturity and many-er responsibilities. When you’re young you deal with simple and easier things but when you’re old you will be bombarded with the complexity of life.

Our age clearly defines who we are as a person and how we deal with things around us. And in that case AGE does matter.

        With this I realized so many things. One of which is that I don’t need to be ashamed of my real age (I really don’t care). I don’t care how young you got yourself enrolled in college or how young you had your first kiss or whatever that is. I really don’t care anymore. The thing that would really amaze me is on how young you were when you realized that you need to be mature.

        I’m already 23 now and unfortunately, I’m still immature at some point in my life. But still many things paved way for me to realize what a fool I am for letting those opportunities of maturity slip through my hands. Now, I know more and I can say I’m getting there.

      One more thing, we cannot force anybody to be mature. We can just show them how mature we are and hope everything goes out well for them.

      Being mature does not happen annually. It is not an overnight thing too. Every day is an opportunity for us to be mature enough to face life. And just like what I’ve said AGE is merely a number. But with that digit comes many expectations, not only on physical and social aspects but mostly on attitude.

      If a larger population of age-concerned people would see and think the same way that I do then the world will be a safer place to live. There will be no criticisms  for very old students, no age qualification for jobs, no distinction of minors or 18 years old above, and many more (huh? No distinction between minors and older persons? No way! I take that back!).

Seriously speaking, the world will be less age-scrutinizing and discriminating (how I wish!). :)

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