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Because I have a randomly cluttered blog, this post might do its magic on this blog site. Well, this video below is the one we made for our commercial in Marketing. We shot it from three different locations with Alyssa as my partner. I did the video editing part and as far as I am concern I like our commercial. It’s not pucho-pucho (mediocre). We’ve exerted too much effort in making this one. We started a bit earlier that’s why we ended early too. The bottomline is the commercial we made is the bomb! And I hope to share it with everyone. BTW, I just started making videos when I got my netbook and that was months ago. I’m not bragging but I really have a thing for video editing and with proper training and video editing applications, maybe I can do more out of the limited resources I have. If you want to see the unmuted version just visit my Youtube channel and play it directly there. Disclaimer: We do not own any copyright of the product. We just came up with the name of it and the tag…

Age Association

If death is the no.1 thing that most people are afraid of then I think getting older comes next to that.
When we age older we seem to overthink things. Our mind creates a long list of trivial questions that seem very daunting. Like “Do I look old already?”, “Are those fine lines?”, “What? Uban?”, “How am I supposed to look and feel younger?” and the list just goes on and on.
          Well, that’s normal. You see we live in a world or should I say a country where age really matters (And age is associated with almost all things). When you’re young and successful many people would look up to you. When you’re already 21 and still in high school then it would be very embarrassing. People nowadays tend to associate age with lifestyle, social circles, behaviour, etc.
          As for me it may be true but not to the point of generalizing it or “branding” as it is coined.
Like if you’re young then you need to be a party animal, the life of the party and many other fun stuff. But when you are ol…

A sad story (another one)

Oh well, nowadays I realized I’m already drowning myself with insecurity issues that are already eating me up alive. It’s time to stop the wallowing part that is really upsetting me and begin writing all of it here (that might do the trick). You know what? Knowing who your true friends are is one of the best feelings one can ever experience. And at some point in my life I already felt that feeling of relief and satisfaction, the feeling of knowing who to trust and to rely when times get rough. But we can never assure that the friends we have now will still be there in the future. The only thing we got are the memories of the happy and sad times we’ve shared with them. I really don’t think I’m a bad friend but then I realize that some of my friends before are not the closest I have now. It’s just sad to think that I’m the one responsible for all the continental drifting notions happening with my former close friends. When in fact it should be both of the parties concerned (so sad!). And…