This should not go unblog-ED (if you know what I mean). So this incident happened recently, Yup! You heard and read it right. To cut the long story short I felt slightly rejected that by a comrade. I felt disappointed, disheartened, and near to tears that time. Thank God I could still muster some courage I have and pretended that nothing of serious intensity happened. I won’t elaborate more on the gory details. I just want to write down my thoughts, reflect on what happened, and assess myself after that mind-blowing incident.
You know the feeling of voluntarily doing something coupled with effort and time. And after everything it’ll be rejected because of some reason that you really have no idea of? (Because I was never told about it). I was focusing on the rejection that I’ve been thinking of so many irrational things (Things I would never enumerate here). And so after a couple weeks of UN-rejected moments, here I am again consumed by my melodramatic “ME” on the verge of tears. The rejection level was so severe that I wanted to just vanish in thin air or pretend to get sick so I could go home early. But unfortunately that was not me, so I decided to put on a happy face laughing my head off to conceal the real emotion overruling me that moment. I have no regrets, because I was doing it for God’s glory and I have no intentions of making such thing. I know it’s very light and I’m not exaggerating things here. I just wanted to blog the thing and besides I cannot hurt other people’s feelings because I’m not naming names. This is just something I wanted to read when another rejection recurs. You know, to help me cope with such feelings.
A friendly tip: Always accept rejection maturely.
It’s hard, embarrassing, mentally and emotionally shaking, and inevitable so better equip yourself with humility, an understanding heart, a calm reaction, and a strong faith. Because people will reject you at some point in your life, you just have to learn how to cope with such rejections. In essence, you would later learn that these instances have meaningful reasons. It may prepare you for a greater REJECTION to help you cope easily with it or God just wants you to feel that way because you ought to.
Things really happen for a reason, even the bad ones.
I’m not feeling any resentment now. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, one MAJOR MAJOR rejection moment will happen to me in the near future. It might blow me off and will tear me to shredded pieces. But now, I know more and I guess being mature enough to face these situations is being wise enough too. And I have no intentions of hiding grudges what-so-ever. The old “Me” would approve of that but heck no! I’m the new one now. The old “Me” just died recently.

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