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3 Idiots: An idiotic review

Released on 2009, the movie focuses on the friendship of three Engineering students namely: Rancho, Farhan, and Raju. It centers on the star-crossed lives of the three men and the struggles they experienced during their stay at the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). A flashback of their school memories were used to direct the plot of the movie. The story starts with Farhan faking a collapse just to return to ICE and look for Rancho alongside with Raju and Chatur also known as “The Silencer”. Their search for their lost friend brought them to the far flung places of India. And the journey keeps on getting interesting as the plot thickens into a variety of twists and turns. 

Moral Lesson of the story

The movie taught me how to live my life the way I wanted it to be. It also made me realize that what matters most are the things that will make me happy.  Most struggling students out there might relate to Farhan’s situation, maybe because their parents have already planned their careers and lives ahead of them. Not knowing that it only pressures their children and also makes them suffer. I too can also relate to Farhan’s character, it is because I found it difficult to stay intact with my course and some of my subjects this term. Though difficult, I’m still doing the best that I could to show a straight-faced and a normal “Tobby” in front of my classmates. I just hope I could live through all the expectations they have for me (whoever they maybe).

Farhan did not want to become an Engineer; he wanted to be a professional photographer all his life. With the help of Rancho and his unwavering encouragement, Farhan realized that what he wanted matters and that is photography. Raju, the religious one from the trio fears everything, especially the future. That for once he decided ending his life after Mr. Virus attempted on rusticating him from the University. He jumped from the building, broke most of his bones, and fell into a comatose. Luckily, with the help of Farhan and Rancho’s brilliant mind, they were able to wake Raju from his deep coma. The experience taught Raju to be prepared of what the future holds and to keep his attitude as it is.

The movie discusses most of the realities of life. But it focuses more on doing what will make you happy, whatever the cost is as long as you know that in the end you’ll never regret those decisions you made in your life.

The Trio

I envy the trio in the movie not because I don’t have a trio of my own but because I thought I would have it for once. It so happen that circumstances dissolved the trio into duo leaving the other guy alone, and that outcast was me. Maybe just maybe things do happen for a reason because right now I’m happily mingling with my new group of friends. I’ve already gotten over it and now I can say that I really know who my true idiot friends are (What a relief!).

In the end they found Rancho who is now Phunsukh wangdu who is already a well known scientist and a teacher with Pia (Rancho’s love interest) kidnapped from her wedding. And so it ends on a high note because in the end everything is well!

When faced with uncertainties, difficulties, and skepticism in life just tell yourself “Aal iz Well” and everything will be.

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