Post Graduation Post

July 15, 2011 – Marks the end of my technician years (Computer Engineering Technology) and the continuation of the degree I have as an Information Technology student in TUP-T. At first, I was just sceptical with the whole program. But as it progresses, I realized a lot by just watching my co-graduates pass and receive their diplomas. And as caps flew and filled the convention center midair, memories rushed in my consciousness. Here’s what I’ve got to say to all the people who have a been a part of my life as a  struggling student who wants to ace on everything and ends up frustrating himself because of his first 3.0 grade which was sooooooooooooooo unjustifiable. Oh well, things happen for a reason. I just need to deal with those intricacies. 

 First up is my PA Family aka Dota friends, mga tehs, mga kagandahans, etc. (You know the drill). Thanks mga teh! It’s always a pleasure working with you guys. You’re all a bunch of weirdoes. Nothing beats the craziness we have and the escapades we’ve done for the past 3 years. I’ll always be proud that I’ve become a part of the catalyst of change in TUP-T. Kudos to every one of us!

Next is my Fab 4 group. (Jonamar, Friendship, and Frencherps) Even though things have changed a bit you know we’ll still be the same group who watched 17 again one summer day and also did a lot of overnights. I’ll always be there for all of you. No matter what happens life must still go on. Thanks for a bunch of memories I’ll be bring in my lifetime. Love you all guys!
My Backstabber friends. (Puge, Abequoy, and Jonamar)Thanks for the backstabbing memories. My school life became so colourful because of our group. Let’s just tone down the backstabbing and hype up the funny and unforgettable memories we have had as a quirky group. Thanks much guys!
DSPC, Thanks for everything. I don’t how long we’ve been calling ourselves with that term but as far as I know you’ve always been a good friend to me since the beginning. Thanks! More memories to share and cherish eh? 

Wanef Group. Thanks for the first year memories. Those we’re some of the best memories I’ve had. I’ll miss the groups that were formed and the struggles we’ve had as freshies. I’ll always be reminded that all firsts will always be unforgettable. Thank you! 

There are still many people to mention, many memories to relive, and a lot of things to say. But this blogpost is merely dedicated to the ones who made my stay at TUP-T worth the endless class days and the sleepless nights. I’ll miss the overnights, coffee breaks, OJT days, backstabbing moments, press nights and press releases, and many more. Unfortunately, I’ll still be experiencing the same thing this year (just this year please). 

One thing, I’m also sorry for the people I’ve hurt. May we all forgive and forget. I was brought back to our Humanities lessons and class recitations. And Maam Torres’ reply to my “YES I dare to bare page” in my literary portfolio.

I should be forgetting that thing now. But sometimes, some things are there to remind us of the past. The past will always be a part of me; same thing goes for the previous commencement exercise (it already happened so it can be considered as past). But what will matter most is the future that is looming ahead of me. The decisions I’ll be making and the memories I’ll be making, and then some. :)  

As what clich├ęs say “Another page of my life ends today. What awaits me tomorrow is a newer one.” 

To God be the glory now and forever.

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