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Life oh Life oh Life oh Life doo doo doo doo...

“Every person around you is going to hurt you at some point in time.
But it’s up to you to decide what’s important...
...the pain or the person.”

Above is a text message I’ve received from a classmate of mine (Elementary). Though not that appealing, the message itself gave me a slap of reality straight to my face. Especially now with some untoward incidents and happenings that were uncalled for, I should be realizing who my true friends are, those who have hurt me and those whom I’ve hurt also.
 It is a reality that people we love are gonna hurt us, one way or the other. But what’s important is on how we react on the pain, whether we decide that it is more important than the person who gave us the latter. In my humble opinion, I can say that the person committing the mistake is more important than the mistake he/she has committed (unless it is pride that runs within your system). Though it may be difficult at first, getting through with it will be easier than you thought it will be. It just needs a lot of adapting and mind setting mantras to make it (and also time).
At times like these, what you need is not a time of your own but a time with HIM. Ask of his grace to give you the strength and willpower to overcome things because he will not fail you. Though we have failed him many times he will never in any manner disregard you. Just ask with a faithful heart and what you asked will be given to you in full. Be faithful, because God is.
            Life itself gives us problems we thought we could not bear. Those that we think we’re not capable of making through and things that we just cannot handle alone. Like for instance, things you thought are impossible to surface but have happened already without your knowing it. These occurrences are needed for us to grow in a more mature way. Things happen for a reason, even the bad ones.
            I’m not perfect, so us others. But in my imperfections I see the possibility of simply creating a standard that resembles that to a perfect one. My flawed life taught me that people do commit mistakes sometimes and it’s a matter of understanding that we find such acts as acceptable, because we also experience the same stuff. What we need is a heart that forgives not a heart that resents.
            I’ve been hurting myself for more than years now, because I wanted it (Okay, so that was before). But now, I’ve already freed myself from the walls that I’ve been building since then. What I have now is a heart that sees beyond the mistakes. I’ve been changed and that I can say is for the better.
            I might as well say “Sorry for my being stupid for dwelling in the past more often. But now I’ve been mature enough to just shrug the whole idea and start anew with what we already have. We’ve been hurting ourselves a lot. What we need is a time for reconciliation and a lot of coping up. You ready with it? Because I am.”

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