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Bored? Got nothing to do? Then read books!

one of my prized possession

Aside from enriching your ancient and crooked vocabulary, reading books will also take you to other dimensions unknown to your existence. It will open new ideas and will help you create a world of imagination at your own crafty expense.

But then, finding good books ain’t easy, it takes time too. You have to search over the net or Google up the “Bestsellers List” to be able to find what you’re looking for. But sometimes the ones you find may not suit your reading taste which may exhaust you more. A bookish person myself, I sympathize that hunger for finding the best reads. 

That’s why I made a list of my personal favourites; books with different genres that will not only tickle your imagination but will suck the boredom out of you.

Here is the list of my own “Bestsellers” and the reason why you need to read it yourself. 

Harry Potter books 1 to 7 (J.K. Rowling) – A part of me died after the second part of the last Harry Potter movie was premiered. But the seven books will always be there for me to keep the memories and the adventures of Harry, Hermione, and Ron alive.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who played with fire, and The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest (Stieg Larsson) – I have not yet finished reading the first book but still I’m finding the time to finish the trilogy. The critics loved it and the readers crave for more of the suspense and action. It’s just sad that the author of the book is already dead, he could’ve filled all the bookstores with his immortal books.

Deception Point, Digital Fortress, Angels and Demon, The Lost Symbol, and The Da Vinci code (Dan Brown) – Dan Brown’s twists in his plots kept me awake most of the nights. His distinguished touch makes his books worth the penny.

The Hunger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins) – Though I just read the first book I’m already excited for the next two books as well as the movie adaptation. I can’t wait for it! The hunger games mania is so contagious!

For one more day (Mitch Albom) – If you love your mom, then read this. Mitch Albom’s view of life gives us lifelong lessons for us to cherish and keep for the rest of our lives. You can also read his well beloved books such as Five People you meet in heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie.

Illustrado (Miguel Syjuco) – The only Filipino authored book that caught my attention. The book as well as its author makes me so proud to be a Filipino.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho

Here are some of  my picks: 

The Holy Bible (One of my prized possession)
Water for Elephants 
The Notebook 
A Walk to Remember 
Never let me go 
Windmills of the Gods
The Twilight Saga 
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Bo Sanchez’ books
The Amityville Horror 
The Other Side of Midnight
Are you afraid of the dark?
The Alchemist
Veronika Decides to die

There you have it, a taste of my “geekiness” over books. I hope my picks gave you an overview on what’s sold out on bookstores and comic stands, what’s in and what’s out, and what’s hot and what’s not.

I’m not telling that my picks are the best; I’m just giving you a little out of something. The choice is yours. Besides you can make your own list... be sure it’s your “Bestsellers” not just ordinary books that get published just to fill up old libraries and get soiled with other books which failed to make a new world of its own... dull and lifeless.

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