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My Girlfriend is A Gumiho: A so-so Review

My co-editors have already seen it. My classmates are already singing to the tunes of it. My friends are acting a bit weird when it rains on a sunny day. I always see the line “nomu nomu nomu chua” on facebook.

And now, I can eventually say that the gumiho mania has already invaded the recesses of my thoughts, actions, feelings, and many more. You want to know why? Then read along...

The unforgettable and funny duo of Cha Dae Woong and Miho proved to be an effective bead to everyone. Whether you’ve laughed your heart out or cried a tear or two you can never ever compare the whimsical feeling that emanates from your insides the moment you set your eyes on the boob tube.
I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedbacks from the hit Korean series but I was occupied by then with the blooming love story of Jamie and Owen (Secret Garden). Sad to say GMA kept on prolonging the latter so I was bored to death, especially with the encore runs of Temptation of Wife which ate a lot of airtime compared to SeGa…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two: Half review, half rubbish.

Voldemort: The boy who lived come to die.
I just can’t help myself with all the Harry Potter mania going about without me watching it. You see, I got a very bad day yesterday. It so happen that the bad vibes were prevalent from the time the day started until last midnight. The pressure was suffocating me that I forgot that academic performance is not that important to me (that I realized when I got my first 3.0 from my Trigonometry teacher... Ma’am toot, Thanks by the way!) The moment I got home from the killing atmosphere of school stuffs I decided watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The video quality was mediocre what can I do? I needed to watch the film badly. Even though I asked my beloved sister for movie tickets I still end lying and watched the movie on my netbook. (Sorry sis, I need the money badly that’s why I decided to go thrifty all the way. But thanks though!) After watching it, a part of me died. I’ve been so attached to the books that’s why ending it wa…

Bored? Got nothing to do? Then read books!

Aside from enriching your ancient and crooked vocabulary, reading books will also take you to other dimensions unknown to your existence. It will open new ideas and will help you create a world of imagination at your own crafty expense.
But then, finding good books ain’t easy, it takes time too. You have to search over the net or Google up the “Bestsellers List” to be able to find what you’re looking for. But sometimes the ones you find may not suit your reading taste which may exhaust you more. A bookish person myself, I sympathize that hunger for finding the best reads. 
That’s why I made a list of my personal favourites; books with different genres that will not only tickle your imagination but will suck the boredom out of you.
Here is the list of my own “Bestsellers” and the reason why you need to read it yourself. 
Harry Potter books 1 to 7 (J.K. Rowling) – A part of me died after the second part of the last Harry Potter movie was premiered. But the seven books will always be there f…

A song to remind you of