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This is my latest blogpost for the month. I’ve been busy and was not able to update my blog, that’s why I left it unharmed for a couple months already. Unharmed – meaning; no updates from yours truly. Classes have started way too soon that’s why it became difficult for me to adapt with the new scheme. I was not really accustomed to night classes. Late night slumber means late to wake up. That’s okay with me. I’ve been practicing that for the rest of the summer. Tahaa! For now, I don’t have serious topic to blog about. Just some unimportant matters only like a pseudo friendship blooming again (assuming much!). An arrogant classmate who thinks he can get along with almost everything. Just because you’re nasal doesn’t mean you’re good in English. Hahaha! Mean me. That’s just my opinion and as far as I’m concern my blog is harmless and I will not use this piece of information to destroy someone’s reputation. My reputation is also at stake here. :) Okay that’s all. Hahahaha!